Saturday, February 15, 2014

Latest Netflix Love: The Fosters

Hey everyone! Today I would like to talk about my latest Netflix love, The Fosters. I wasn't sure how much I would actually like this show, but the more I watched, the more I could. not. stop. Basically, the show revolves around Callie, an orphan who lands in Juvie in her struggle to find adoptive parents.

What can I say about this show?! It's just, so good. At first I thought I wouldn't like it too much because all the characters are essentially teenagers (like, 15 y/o), and usually I get annoyed watching TV shows with younger main characters, but this one makes it work! The challenges they face are really mature (drug use, mental illness, eating disorders) but with the guidance of their moms, the kids are equipped to take them on. It's all really heart-warming and you end up rooting for each and every character.

And note how I said, "their moms". Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think this is one of the first TV shows to feature same-sex parents! It's so great. The moms are like, the coolest parents ever, and watching them deal with all the issues in their lives is so satisfying to me for some reason. Their dynamic is awesome.

I also wanna mention that I think the casting is so on-point. Maia Mitchell, the actress who plays Callie, is so fab. I watched interviews with her and she's this super rad Australian actress and I'm obsessed with her hair and her accent. I also love the casting for the moms, and the casting for Jude, Callie's little brother. And not to mention David Lambert (who plays Brandon) is pretty easy on the eyes.

With only one season on Netflix, you'll have to catch up on season 2 elsewhere (*cough* it's really easy to find online *cough*), but it's definitely worth it. Don't judge it based on the absolutely unoriginal name ("The Fosters", how boring), or on the cheesy ABC Family-esque adverts, just trust that the characters will capture your heart and your interest, and you'll be hook as quick as I was!

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