Thursday, January 2, 2014

Latest Netflix Love: GREEK

Hey everyone! Having finished my latest Netflix binge on December 31st, I thought it would be fitting to do a little review of it to ring in the new year.

When I picked Greek as the show I wanted to watch, I didn't have high expectations. After all, an entire TV series based on sororities and fraternities... Mehhh. Could be superficial, but at the same time I wasn't in the mood for anything too cerebral either, so I stuck with it. And I'm so glad I did.

The show is about Casey Cartwright, a sorority girl at Cyprus Rhodes university, and her brother Rusty, an incoming freshman who decides to pledge a fraternity. Casey deals with sorority drama and a love triangle with Evan and Cappie (two boys from rival fraternities), and Rusty deals with juggling Honors Engineering and frat life.

It seems like a cliched, easily-executed story, but somehow every plot element is done perfectly. There are no superfluous storyline details - everything is just right. It hits the nail on the head in terms of depicting a balanced college life. The characters deal with emotional tribulations and super awesome frat ragers. I like how one element is never compromised for the other, and the flow between them is never fake or forced.

As I said, I thought having Greek life as the main setting would be contrived and frivolous, and while it sometimes is, I ended up really enjoying it. I liked learning about the details of the Greek system, including the ins and outs of pledging, rush, big & littles, lavaliering, Panhellenic, hazing, and general Greek politics. Everything rang true and aided the believability of the plot.

In terms of characters, you can't really ask for more. They are well-developed and witty, each with their own respective sets of virtues and vices. You'll love them, you'll hate them, and then you'll love them again. They're each equipped with personal/emotional baggage, making even the most vapid sorority girl mildly relatable.

The progression of the show is really natural, making it easy to watch episode after episode. The mood is generally lighthearted, but gets emotional when need-be. Greek will have you hooked for 6 seasons, and all it takes is watching the first episode :)

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