Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Fashion Wishlist from Persunmall

Hey everyone! The other day I was approached by the wonderful Alice from Persunmall.com who offered to have me try out some of their items and review them for you. Step 1 is to post a wishlist featuring my favorite things!

Persun is an online retailer that sells clothing and accessories for very affordable prices. I was particularly impressed by their tops and jewelry selection, so that's what I've focused on in this list.

The first item is this pink flower knit sweater. It's basically a Wildfox knock-off, and since I'm not about to spend $100 on a distressed sweater, this is perfect! I'm sure the quality isn't as good, but I plan on wearing it very casually and I like the loose fit.

A classic plaid shirt has been soo hard to come by for me. All I want is a plain red one, and I can't seem to find one in-store! Luckily, Persunmall has this in stock. It's not flannel, but it has a great pattern and I love the huge pockets.

Next is a gray knit sweater. Right along the spine theres a pulled panel, making it seem like the knitting fell apart. I think it's so cool and perfect to wear over leggings on a cold day. Chuck on some tall black boots and you're good to go.

The last clothing item on my wishlist is a plain white t-shirt. I don't have a loose, oversize t-shirt so this would be a really good staple to have.

Finally, this gold and neon green necklace. I'd see myself wearing this constantly if I were to own it. I totally see myself rocking this under the collar of a chambray shirt. It's really fun for summer, but I'd also wear it throughout the winter because god knows I need some neon to spice up my drab monochrome outfits!

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