Tuesday, September 11, 2012

OOTD: Fall Weather

Fall is finally here!!! I'm so happy. No more muggy, sweaty days. I took the opportunity to bring out my military jacket and studded ankle combat boots. 

I got the military jacket from Aritzia in Soho, but the brand is actually TNA. The red and blue pattern top is from Michael Kors, and it's actually a sheer summer top, but layered with the military jacket makes it more "fall" I think. Oh, if you're interested, the cami I'm wearing underneath is navy blue & from Forever 21 (as are my jeans). The combat boots are from Michael Kors as well. The leather hair bow-tie is from Italy (the same place I got the bracelets for my giveaway!). 

If you're wondering why so much of my wardrobe is Michael Kors, that's because I worked for them for a couple days during their sale this summer so I managed to pick up quite a few things! I'm not sponsored by MK in any way (imagine?! hahaha). 

Oh and I'm sorry that this photo is kinda blurry--I'm still working on using a self-timer effectively!

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