Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Beauty VS. Brains TAG

Katie over at KatieGolightlyX did this tag and I had a lot of fun reading it and getting to know her! I'm aware that this is an incredibly wordy post, but hopefully it doesn't bore you too much :)

1. What is your favorite book?
My favorite book of all-time is called "An Abundance of Katherines" by the wonderfully talented John Green. This is where my blog name came from ;) It's a really clever, witty story about a kid who only dates girls named Katherine. It sounds like a pretty insignificant plotline, but John's writing is so clever and smart and flawless. I used to want to be a writer and he was definitely my biggest inspiration, so I would seriously recommend any book by him (I've read all of them and so have my friends because I told them too lol!).

2. What is your favorite quote?
I'm sure there more insightful quotes out there, but one that has been extra meaningful for me is "It'll all be okay in the end. If it's not okay, it's not the end." I've told myself this through many a painful time, whether it be during emotional hardship or even like, enduring the pain of getting my eyebrows done. It's pretty effective.

3. Do you prefer English or Math?
English! Like I mentioned previously, I wanted to be a writer so English class was definitely a bigger influence in my life. I can't say I hate math, because I liked the challenge of it (and finally mastering something in math might be the best feeling in the world), but I have always excelled more at English, which is naturally why I enjoy it more.

4. Do you prefer Science or Art?
Personally and in terms of my own practice and future career, art. But, that's not to say I condemn science or anything. I love the idea that art and science can coexist in our world. As for my career though, I think art really pushes the limits of my intellect, in that my ideas and creative energy are always changing, and I love seeing a vision of mine come to be. I studied science up until 10th grade and while I got good grades, nothing pushed my limits like art and English did.

5. Name five albums or artists that have changed your life.
This is really tough for me because music is not something I've been consistently passionate about. Right now my interests lie in blogging and beauty rather than discovering new artists, for example. But let me throw a few names out there: John Mayer, Taylor Swift, The Who, Aerosmith and lastly, the Jonas Brothers. These boys were my longest-lasting musical obsession and I can't even explain why right now, but they took up every moment of my life aged 14-17. I don't listen to their music anymore, but their tastes are what got me listening to the likes of John Mayer, Elvis Costello, etc. And now that I think of it, I've seen every single one of these bands/artists in person! Let me insert a few photos:

(I didn't take photos at Aerosmith because I was way too far from the stage, and my photos of the Who are on my cell and the quality sucks lol!)

6. What were your favorite and least favorite subjects in school?
Looking back on my college experience (I was in a Liberal Arts program), my favorite course was Eastern Religions. The reason for this is probably because my professor was the most insightful, level-headed, eloquent lady I have ever met. She really opened my eyes, and I know one day I will open up my Eastern Religions notes (which I copied down word-for-word), and regain my appreciation for this class. My least-favorite class had to be Just & Unjust Wars. It was a class filled with politics and overly-opinionated students trying to outsmart each other... :)

7. Who is your favorite celebrity with a brain?
Meh, I don't really like this question because celebrities aren't just glorified puppets, they do have working brains like the rest of us. But I think I'll go with Emma Stone for this one. I'm not sure if she's book-smart or anything, but I think she picks out brilliant roles for herself and from what I've seen, she's very witty. I wish I had a better answer for this!

8. What is your nerdy little secret?
I enjoy watching Vi Hart's videos on YouTube every once in a while.

9. What beauty gurus do you admire for more than their love of beauty/fashion?
This one goes to Louise Sprinkle of Glitter, without a doubt. I just think she is a very lovely person, and I agree with most of her non-beauty related opinions. I think she's very wise, well-spoken, and I always feel a little enriched after watching one of her more chatty videos. Lucky for me, she's just started a channel called Sprinkle of Chatter ;) Check it out! Ohhh, and she also did this tag as a video on her beauty channel so you should also check that out!

10. If you could study anything, anywhere what would it be?
If I could make a viable living off of painting and such kinds of studio art, I would definitely study that either somewhere in Europe, or at NYU.

11. If your blog couldn't focus on beauty/fashion, what would it focus on?
It would probably just be a diary/lifestyle blog of sorts, relaying my life's boring tidbits. Although, I guess it kind of is one already lol! Or actually, I would dedicate a blog solely to movies and television, as I watch a loottt of that.

12. Name something that you're obsessed with but others might find nerdy or strange.
Candles! My friends think I'm obsessive and weird (but then they all love the way my room smells. Ha!). 

13. Name five people (excluding family/friends) that inspire you.

  1. My aforementioned religion teacher for the aforementioned reasons (I don't really put her in the friend/family category so I'm counting this hehe)
  2. John Green because I think he's a brilliant writer and all-around person
  3. Judd Apatow because I think he has the best sense of humor a director has ever had. Most of his films are hits for me (except none with Will Ferrell because I dislike Will Ferrell immensely, but that's not Judd's fault).
  4. Can I include fictional characters? Dean Moriarty (On the Road) and Alaska Young (Looking For Alaska)
  5. And then I guess I would mention some YouTubers that I love watching (FleurdeForce, MissGlamorazzi, DailyGrace, etc)
14. Who is your intellectual soulmate?
Hmm, I don't think I've found my intellectual soulmate yet. I'd like to think my regular, spend-the-rest-of-my-life-with soulmate will be my intellectual soulmate as well. So, no one until then! 

Hope you guys enjoyed reading this! It's been in my drafts for long enough lol! If you did enjoy it, drop a comment saying so, and definitely do the tag for yourself and link back because I would love to read it :)

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