Monday, July 30, 2012

Most Worn Tag: Summer 2012

Hey everyone! I got the idea for this post from Missglamorazzi on YouTube (LINK), and since I don't do YouTube videos, I decided to make a post on it :) I really enjoyed Missglamorazzi's video and thought you guys might like to see how I would respond to the tag as well!

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1) Most worn nailpolish:

To be completely honest, I change my nailpolish incredibly often, especially during the summer! My two favorites, however, have been this amazing, glowing pink color from Kiko Makeup Milano, and L'Orange by L'Oreal. They're both really vibrant and look great with a tan! Unfortunately, the Kiko polish doesn't have a name, but in case you're interested its number is 03507.

2) Most worn hair product:

In the summer I tend to use less hair products because I let my hair air-dry and I don't use too much heat on it. I got this sample-sized product from Canada's April Glossybox and have been using it ever since. Whenever I feel like my hair is getting a little dull, or rather needs an extra bit of "oomph" (for lack of a better word), I run a dab of this through my hair (avoiding the roots). It gives the hair some shine and smoothness. As you can see, I only have about two more uses of this product before it runs out! :( As soon as I find a place that sells Wella products (I think some salons do?), I will definitely be re-purchasing it. Also, it smells DELICIOUS. So many people compliment the way my hair smells whenever I use this.

3) Most worn bag:

I picked up this bag when I was in Italy and I absolutely love it. It's the perfect size for everyday use. It's larger than the cross-body I use to go out at night, but smaller than the tote bag I use for school. It fits my wallet, a small make-up bag, and even my iPad. Also, I think the color is very versatile, so I definitely see myself wearing this into the fall. The brand is Carpisa, by the way.

4) Most worn shoes:

My most worn summer shoes are by far this pair of flip flops from Abercrombie & Fitch. I don't tend to shop at Abercrombie but I bought these with a giftcard approximately 3 years ago--and let me tell you, they've held up reeaally nicely. I probably need to get myself a new pair sometime soon but these are perfectly broken-in, and generally very sturdy. I wear them almost every day, every summer since I've gotten them.

5) Most worn accessories:

My most worn accessories are these adorable, leather bow hair clips. I picked these up from a leather boutique in Italy but I can't imagine similar ones would be too hard to find. I love these because they pull the hair away from my face which is a must for me during the summer!

6) Most worn clothing item:

My most worn clothing item is this dress that I picked up from H&M. It's just a plain, casual white tank-top dress. I love it because it can be worn in so many different ways depending on how I feel. If it's a little cooler I can throw a light cardigan over the top, or a cropped vest if I don't feel like being too bare-shouldered. Also it's a little long (a few inches past the knee), so sometimes I bunch up the bottom and tie it to one side which is also cute.

7) Most worn foundation:

My most worn foundation is a year-round one. I've been using this foundation all my life. I go a shade darker during the summer months because I tend to have more of a tan. I paired my foundation with Urban Decay's De Slick. Basically, I spray it before putting my make-up on, and afterwards. It removes  excess moisture and allows my foundation to stay on even longer! Seriously, it works. Sometimes I forget to spray it and I notice a difference as soon as I step outside. My face is already naturally oily but with the added sweat of summer my make-up could potentially slide right off... Not good! I love you, De Slick!

8) Most worn blush & bronzer:

My most worn blush is MAC's Pinch o' Peach. To be quite honest, it looks extremely pink in the pot, but on there are definitely noticeable hints of peach. It's a really pretty pop of pink to the cheeks and I think it's really light and summery. My most worn bronzer is NARS Laguna. This is my absolute favorite bronzer. I just think it warms up the face beautifully and the effect is very "sun-kissed". This is definitely my go-to summer bronzer because it also has flecks of shimmer in it which looks awesome in the sunlight.

9) My most worn lip product:

Lately I've been really loving this Korres Lip Butter in the color Wild Rose. It's a very pretty berry color and really enhances the natural color of your lips. It seems a little dark in the packaging but it goes on quite sheer, yet it's buildable. Also, once the initial sheen fades away, your lips are left with a slight stain that looks really natural. I love it :)

10) Most worn mascara:

I received this Marcelle mascara in my May Glossy Box but haven't used it until this summer. I think it's just a really decent mascara! I mean, it's not the BEST I've ever used, but it does the trick! It coats the lashes really nicely. Can't complain!

11) Most worn eyeshadow:

My Naked palette is my go-to. Lately, I've been using warmer colors and combining shades such as virgin, sin, and toast. I love a nude eye with full, colorful lips. That eyeshadow combo looks really nice with my Korres Lip Butter and some Laguna bronzer :)

(Oh hey!)

That's it!!! Hope you enjoyed! Here's a bonus Einstein for your viewing pleasures:

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