Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday Questions (via Amarixe)

1.) Mood: Currently in a great mood :) I just finished watching Freaky Friday with my mom. As cheesy as it sounds, I love watching mother-daughter movies with her. Also that movie's a classic.

2.) Do you wear a piece of jewelry that you never take off? I have a bracelet that my mom gave me almost 3 years ago and basically, I made a wish, she tied it around my wrist, and the concept is the wish should come true once the bracelet falls off. The wish already came true so I keep it on for good luck!

3.) If you had a free year to do anything you wanted (with unlimited funds to do so), how would you spend it? I would move out, get an apartment in the city, and spend the whole year furnishing and decorating. I'm dying to do that kind of thing.

4.) Current nail polish: Ombre purple-to-pink! It's a little sloppy because it was my first time trying it, but I think it's pretty cool.

5.) Have you been watching the Olympics? Yes! I'm more into the Olympics than I thought I would be, actually.

6.) Current outfit: Pyjamas haha.

7.) What are your favorite pizza toppings? Plain cheese. I'm boring.

8.) Who is your favorite Disney character? Oh MAN. This is the hardest question ever. I never really liked the princesses... So probably Woody?

9.) When it comes to shoes, flats or heels? Flats all the way. I just can't seem to find a pair of comfortable heels.

10.) Weekly goals: Read my driving book and take the online quiz (aka prepare myself for the exam), clean my room, and  put up my new curtains!


  1. Nice, might do these questions :)

    1. Definitely! Let me know if you do so I can check them out :)

  2. Good post :) I love mother daughter film nights and I wear a ring that my mum bought me that I never take off

    Tanesha x