Thursday, May 14, 2015

Big Brother Canada 3: Thoughts so Far

(OMGGG I wrote this a week ago but forgot to hit post... Please excuse my stupidityyyy!)

We're more than halfway through the season and I haven't written a blog post about BBCAN3. I think it's because the season has been so up-and-down in terms of which side of the house gets power, and there are so many game-changing twists that make it really hard to keep track and form a solid opinion about what's going on. It's way different than season 2 where about mid-way, the "evil" side of the house lost power and basically fizzled out from there. This time it's a bit more of a ping pong match.

Last night was a TRIPLE EVICTION, which is absolutely nuts. In the end, I really enjoyed the concept because it proved where everyone's head is at, and it forced them to start playing more strategically. (Spoiler alerts ahead)

Brittnee won HoH (yay!) and nominated Zach, Kevin and Pili. I really think she should've nominated Bruno. I know her goal was to split up the couples, but Bruno, individually, is a much bigger threat than a couple at this point. He's so sneaky, he manages to get in everyone's ear, and he has a way better understanding of the game's mechanics than, say, Zach or Pili or Ashleigh. Bruno is playing a game almost identical to Derrick's, just slightly worse, and it's really frustrating to watch because everyone falls for him. To see Bruno win would be a huge bummer.

So then, as it goes, Bruno wins POV. It was a Big Brother gift for Brittnee to win HoH, so naturally Bruno had to win POV to balance out the good. I guess with this season you can't have too much of a good thing. But it wasn't all bad - Bruno's goal is also to eliminate the couples (as he made clear for the past couple weeks), so it didn't make sense for him to use the POV. The vote would be simple. Everyone would save Pili and the biggest physical and social threats, Zach and Kevin, would be evicted. Except Bruno DID decide to use the POV.... On Zach?! On his number one target? WHY!!!

These are the things that annoy me about this game now. Everything is so fast-paced that you don't have a chance to see if/when allegiances shift. Everyone's a flip-flopper. I miss the Big Brother seasons where it was simpler and clearcut as to who was working with who, and who everyone's enemies were. Remember when Janelle literally could not care less about the majority, stuck to her guns, and worked closely with Kaysar knowing full well he was public enemy #1? Those were the BB days!

Alright so Bruno uses the POV on Zach, and Brittnee decides to nominate Willow in his place. Another head-scratcher. Why Willow? We discovered prior to the nominations that Brittnee didn't trust Willow. Fine, but Sarah trusted Willow and Willow trusted Sarah, so presumably Brittnee could use Willow to her advantage and they could work together to eliminate the rest of the house, right? Wrong, I guess. Nominating Willow wasn't a BAD idea, it just wasn't the BEST idea. She should've nominated Ashleigh to further diminish the numbers on the other side of the house.

Then, as if the episode needed one last confusing move, Sarah chose to save Pili instead of Willow, one of her closest allies. I think this was a case of over-analyzing the game to be honest. She figured Zach and Bruno would save Kevin (since they presumably had a bro thing going on) and that God and Ash would save Pili, so she saved Pili to ensure a girl would stay over Kevin. Little did she know that Zach and Bruno saved Willow instead of Kevin, and had she just voted the way she wanted to, Willow would still be there. Even if it came out to a tie, at least Brittnee would have to break it and she would be somewhat in the clear for Willow leaving.

In the end I would consider this triple eviction a half-win. Kevin leaving is just... incredible. So good. But Willow leaving is a little underwhelming. Overall, the season isn't shaping up to be so bad. It's no BBCAN2 but it's certainly better than the past couple seasons of BBUS. Some things are going well, like the fact that Brittnee, a plus-sized WOC, is doing really well in a game that typically favours white men. At this point, I would be pleased to see some combination of Brittnee, Sarah, or God in F2. That would be ideal.

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