Saturday, April 25, 2015

Ultimate FRIENDS Questionnaire

I just finished watching all ten seasons of Friends on Netflix and, let me tell you, I am emosh. It took me a few months to get through but it was worth it. I don't think there is any show on TV currently where the characters warrant that kind of emotional viewer attachment. Seriously, I felt like I was saying goodbye to my 6 bffs! It's ten seasons long but I guess that's what makes it special: you don't feel like the plotline is rushed and you get to know each and every character. I found this "challenge" on Pinterest and thought I would roll them all into one post. OH and, spoiler alert. I ruin the whole show.

Favourite season. I'm really not sure what my favorite season is considering I watched them straight through on Netflix. 

Overall favourite character. My overall favourite character is Rachel Green. She, by far, showed the most character development. She went from being annoying and jobless to having baby Emma and getting a high-profile job at Louis Vuitton. I literally felt proud of her by the end! I felt proud for a fictional character!

Chandler, Joey, or Ross? It has to be Joey. 

Rachel, Phoebe, or Monica? Rachel, for the aforementioned reasons.

Overall favourite couple. Honestly, Richard and Monica. Even though I feel like it's blasphemous to say anything other than Chandler and Monica or Rachel and Ross, Richard and Monica were just top notch.

Favourite Monica boyfriend. Richard!!!! Bless Chandler but I was seriously hoping she would end up with Richard.

Least favourite Monica boyfriend. Pete. He was a freakin' weirdo and they were not cute together.

Favourite Rachel boyfriend. My mind says Rachel and Ross but my heart says Rachel and Joey... (Tag is a close third because he was definitely the cutest).

Least favourite Rachel boyfriend. Sadly Rachel dated a lot of duds but my least favs have to be Joshua (JoshWAHHH) - I also didn't like him on The OC, there's just something off about him. Also, duh, Barry.

Favourite Phoebe boyfriend. Look, I know it's controversial not to say Mike, but come on: David! He was so cute and I was waiting forever for him to come back from Minsk so they could be together. Dumb Mike got in the way :(

Least favourite Phoebe boyfriend. The one that shot a bird... What was his name? Gary? He was so gross.

Favourite Ross girlfriend. I mean, I have to say Rachel because she's my favourite overall character, but aside from Rachel I would say Julie. She was really decent and they were super compatible. Also Mona, but Ross completely ruined that.

Least favourite Ross girlfriend. Charlie. Gosh, I hated how she ping-ponged between Joey and Ross, and then ended up ditching Ross for that Nobel prize loser. Elizabeth and Emily are up there too.

Favourite female secondary character. Three words: "Oh. My. GODDDD." Janice, of course. Every time she appeared was my new favourite moment of the show to be honest.

Favourite male secondary character. Gunther! He provided the lifeblood of the show: Central Perk!

Least favourite female secondary character. Definitely Rachel's sister Amy. Bleh, she was horrible. In fact, anyone from Rachel's family was pretty bad.

Least favourite male secondary character. I think I'm gonna go with Phoebe's half brother. I mean, he was soo ill-equipped to be having a child, let alone three! Ah he was just so cringey.

Favourite Rachel hair. When she first started to wear it long and straight. 

Least favourite guest star. I wasn't crazy about Brad Pitt's guest star role if I'm being 100% honest. It was kinda lame haha.

Favourite Phoebe song. Aside from Smelly Cat which is just iconic, I would say the one where she wished them all happy holidays. "Monica, Monica, have a happy Hannukah.."

Favourite wedding. Mike and Phoebe! It was so nice that they had it right outside Central Perk :)

Who are you most like? I guess I would say I'm most like Monica in terms of competitiveness and appreciation for food... But I don't have her anal retentiveness, that's for sure.

When did you start watching? I had seen episodes here and there on TV, but I started watching all the seasons in full last Christmas break.

Most touching episode. The one where Monica found out she couldn't have babies. I may have sobbed.

Funniest episode. What's coming to mind is the episode that Chandler goes to Yemen to escape Janice. "15 Yemen Road, Yemen" Hilarious!!

Favourite moment. I don't know if I could pick one moment only, but I loveddd when Phoebe challenged Ross about evolution and nearly crushed his soul. So good.

On a break or not? Yes, I think they were on a break. But it's both of their faults that the parameters of the break were not clearly defined! Obviously they had different expectations!

Favourite actress/actor. Jennifer Aniston!

Did you like the way it ended? Yes, I do like the way it ended. I don't think they could have ended it any better. The only thing is I think Rachel should've gone to Paris and if Ross was really into her, he should've gone too.