Sunday, March 1, 2015

MAC Modern Twist Lash Chlorafill Lime Mascara

Recently I thought I would treat myself to some new makeup so I hit up the MAC counter. My intention was to try out the Studio Fix liquid foundation, but the MAC lady decided it would be good for me to try on an entire makeup look...

You know, MAC is sometimes too overwhelming for me. All I wanted was to be color-matched for foundation and the lady insisted on doing my whole makeup. It's fine, I like having my makeup done and I wasn't going to object, but sometimes too much is too much. I felt quite pressured to spend lots of money on products I didn't need, and her disappointment in me saying I only wanted the foundation confirmed it. I get it, the goal is to sell products, but overwhelming the customer in the process is probably not a good idea.

Anyway, she insisted on trying out this god-awful lime green mascara on me, so I'm here today to implore you not to buy it.

Just look at this crusty Shrek mascara. Why MAC decided this would be a fun color for a mascara is beyond me. It looks like mold grew on my eyelashes.

The idea is that you put on black mascara as a base for the lashes and then coat them with the green, but it turns out it just becomes a clumpy mess. The only plus side is that the brush is quite interesting and it was nice before she added the snot, so I would actually consider buying this mascara in black. Or heck even in purple or navy! But the lime? Definitely not. And DEFINITELY not for $24... Are these people crazy?

And in case you're wondering what came about from the foundation, well she sold me a shade that was way too orange for my skintone. Either that or it oxidized weird after wearing it for a while. You can probably tell I'm a little less than thrilled with my experience at the MAC counter.