Wednesday, November 5, 2014

MaskerAide Sheet Mask Review

A little while back Tiffany from reached out to me, asking if I would test out & review three sheet masks from the Maskeraide range. Of course, I said yes! I'm always willing to promo Canadian shops, and Obsessed Canada is Nail Polish Canada's sister site, which made me all the more excited. They have brands like Batiste, Macadamia, The Balm, Sigma, and many more. I highly suggest checking it out :)

Overall I really enjoyed using these masks, and the best thing about them is how moisturizing they are. Basically, you smooth out the mask over your face and rub all the extra serum down your neck. Let me just say, my skin drank it up! The mask went on moist and gooey (see pic below), and by the time it came off it was almost dry (i.e. my skin absorbed all the moisture). I can definitely see how great this would be when the winter comes and my skin starts to get dry and patchy.

Another thing I really enjoyed about these masks is that you can keep them on for up to 20 minutes, meaning you can lounge around, watch an episode of Mindy Project or a couple YouTube videos, and only then will you have to remove the mask. It's a pet peeve of mine when I go through the effort of applying a mask and then I can only keep it on for a couple minutes. Ruins the fun almost!

My favorite mask of the three that I tried was Detox Diva because I loved the scent. It kind of smelled like lemon and kiwi and candy, but it wasn't overwhelmingly strong. It was very fresh and cool-feeling on the skin. It was definitely the most intense mask of the three because towards the last couple minutes it made my skin tingle. After using it my face felt soft, clean, and moisturized.

Just like Detox Diva, Weather Warrior had a really nice scent. Of the three masks, this is the one that had the greatest "cooling effect". I can see how this would be especially nice after spending a day out in the sun. It was also very moisturizing.

Of the three masks Beauty Restore was my least favorite, not because it didn't perform well, but because I'm not a huge fan of lavender scents. Still, the scent wasn't completely overpowering and I was able to use it. It's a good one to throw on right before going to bed since lavender is meant to relax you.

Overall I'm really pleased that I had the opportunity to try out these masks. If you're interested in purchasing some, you can do so by clicking HERE. (Free shipping on all Canadian orders over $25!)

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