Monday, October 13, 2014

Products I DO NOT Recommend

Hey all! Way way way back when, I wrote a blog post about products I regret buying, and it got a ton of positive feedback, so I thought I would write up something similar. I only have five products to share, which, in the grand scheme of things, doesn't seem so bad. Nevertheless, here they are:

First up is the Garnier Fructis "Hi-Rise Lift", which is a volumizing spray for your hair. The idea is that you spray it onto your roots, rub it in a little, and the effect is supposed to be as if you backcombed/teased your hair. My issue is with the spray nozzle - it doesn't spray evenly! It comes out in a single stream of product, and you end up getting way too much in one spot on your head and it gets sticky.

Next is the Macadamia Rejuvenating Shampoo. This stuff SUCKS. It's overpriced, and doesn't do a thing. It doesn't clean your hair at all, no matter how much you use. My hair felt really matted and fluffy afterwards, instead of smooth and clean like I was hoping. I don't even like the scent. Overall, terrible product.

The Yes to Tomatoes Clear Skin Clay Facial Mask was a huge disappointment. I'm always drawn to the "Yes To" brand - they have really nice packaging and I like that their products are organized by skin type. I don't know how, but this mask left my skin feeling really oily. Also, it's hard to spread because the clay is so thick.

Soap & Glory "Clean On Me" is a raved about shower gel, but I couldn't find myself liking it. I felt like it left my skin dry and itchy, and the scent isn't great either. I'm not sure it really did a good job cleansing. Thankfully I only had this travel-sized version.

Finally, the Elizabeth Arden Refining Toner Lotion. I like using a toner before putting makeup on, just to prep my skin a little, but this one was not good at all. It left a gross film on my face after I applied it and I almost felt the need to wash my face afterwards. Bleh!

Luckily I got most of these products on-sale, but the fact that they actually retail for more than what I paid is unfortunate. Let me know what you think of these products if you've ever used them!

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