Sunday, October 12, 2014

My 2014 Fall TV Lineup

Sometimes I feel like there's nothing good to watch on TV, but this fall (for some reason) I have at least one show to watch every single weekday! That literally has never happened to me before, so I thought I'd share what I'm watching with you guys.

You'll notice I watch a lot of reality TV. I don't know why, but recently I've become really fascinated with competition-based reality shows. I'm taking a lot of media classes this semester and a lot of what I learn can be applied to these shows, so maybe that's why! If reality TV isn't your cup of tea, I'm not sure how interesting this will be for you haha.

The Voice: I used to lovelovelove watching The Voice, and then I got bored of it, but this season I decided to start watching it again. This girl whose covers I used to watch on YouTube is on this season - her name is Brittany Butler and she's on Team Pharrell, and she's so good! She's definitely my favorite of the season. The Voice is hands down the best singing show there is on TV. I love the anticipatory element of the chair turns, and the tension in the battle rounds (and the steal!).

How To Get Away With Murder: This. freakin'. show. is. so. good. It's Shonda Rhimes' new show about a murder law professor who takes her students on her cases with her and they have to help her find evidence and whatnot. It's so interesting and the show has so many different layers to it. It's only 3 episodes in so you can definitely find the episodes online and get caught up! It had me hooked right from the pilot episode.

The Amazing Race: I honestly just like watching The Amazing Race because I like seeing different parts of the world, and I like to imagine how well I'd do in the competitions. I don't watch it religiously or anything (it plays on Fridays after all), but it is fun to watch and sometimes the competition gets intense.

The Mindy Project: If you're going to indulge in one guilty pleasure sitcom this season, make it The Mindy Project. It's clever and hilarious, and I'm all for supporting women-driven television. Don't get me wrong, Mindy Lahiri is a definitely not a role model character, but the jokes are just so on-point. Mindy Kaling is one of my idols.

Survivor: I think I'm only watching this season of Survivor because last season was SO INTENSE and amazing, but so far it's been pretty "meh". I'm hoping it gets more interesting eventually. I'm not really a fan of the casting this season (how many pretty white blondes do we need?) but I'm still holding on...!

What are you watching this fall?

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