Thursday, May 29, 2014

Nail Goodies from Born Pretty

A little while ago, Born Pretty Store contacted me to review some of their nail goodies. I was thrilled! I've actually shopped with them before. They have the cutest array of nail art stuff, and they even sell really cute phone cases. Best of all, everything is super inexpensive! They gave me a $10 cap, and I was able to get about four items, which I'd say is pretty good.

The first thing I got was this multi-sided nail file, and let me tell you, if you're someone who does their nails frequently this is PERFECT. It has four different sides, each with a different degree of coarseness. Then it even has a side for smoothing & removing ridges. It's brilliant. At $2.88, you really can't go wrong!

Born Pretty is the absolute best store for nail stickers. They have so many and they're really cheap, so you can stock up on a couple different ones for under $10! I got the two in the picture above: some simple black stickers, and some neon ones. I wanted to pick something basic and easy to use. I'll be sure to Instagram a pic when I get around to using them!

Studs over top of Julep Bess

Finally, I picked up a little bag of these hexagonal studs. These have been crazy popular in the nail world for the last little while, so I was eager to test them out. I stuck them on when the nail polish was still wet, and sealed them in with my Essie Fast Drying top coat. I think the manicure is really cute, but I must say it doesn't last very long, especially if you're up and about doing things with your hands. I'm also one to pick at my nails/nail polish (bad habit), so you can bet the studs were off within a day. I think it's a nice idea for a one-time occasion, like a night out or a special event. They would also look cool over black nails.

I also have a 10% off coupon code for all my readers! It's CCB10. Definitely take advantage of it, and check out their site because you're guaranteed to find something that piques your interest!

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