Monday, May 26, 2014

Big Brother Canada Season 2 Reflection

You guys. We need to discuss TV. I've been watching so much television lately... I need to talk about it! I'm working 9-5 now (bleh, I hate it), and I feel like all I do is work and watch different TV shows. The least I can do is write up what I think of them :) I've been watching: Big Brother Canada, The Amazing Race, The Mindy Project, Orphan Black, and Shameless. Daaayum. I won't recap my opinions on every one of them, only the few that I have a lot of thoughts on.

First off is Big Brother Canada. What. A. Season. It was completely phenomenal! To be honest, I was worried I would no longer be much of a fan after Big Brother 15 (the U.S. one) because it was so pitiful. I live-tweeted pretty much every episode, so I guess I'll recap the season via my live tweets (how handy!).

March 31st. When I admitted Canada finally created something better than the US, TV-wise. 

The season started off with a "strong" alliance made right from the get-go: The First Five. Sabrina, Andrew, Sarah, Kenny, and Arlie. In my opinion, they were doomed from the beginning. Andrew and Kenny were both egotistic power-trippers, and they were relying on Sabrina to hold everything together. Nope. 

My first feminist comment of the season. You know, I liked Kenny at first. He was confident in his abilities and seemed to be level-headed enough. Too bad he lacked social tact: flirting with girls/leading them on, calling the women of the house bitches whenever he didn't hold the power. Not okay. This bad attitude led to his demise.

Fast-forward through the season a little bit and most of the First Five is gone. Andrew went home on Canada's account. (No kidding, he was annoying as hell). Kenny and Sarah gone via double eviction. Not gonna lie, I felt a little sorry for Sarah and I'm hoping she comes back to play for an All-Stars season sans Kenny. Arlie gone at the hand of Jon (read: at the hand of Neda). See ya, First Five.

We then saw some kerfuffle with the Gremlins and Allison, the season floater. Allison could not seem to wrap her head around what the best move was, and it ultimately cost her her game. The Gremlins were running around like chickens with their heads cut off, also unable to realize what the best move for them was. Bye bye.

April 21st. Neda's rise to power. She was granted the power to instantly evict the houseguest of her choice and make it DEAD. CLEAR. that Allison was the one and only target. She got her way, of course. No one can deny the finesse of her nomination speech. Arguably, this would have been the best moment for her to evict Jon, but to her defence it was still too early on to predict the final outcome.

I guess now is the time to discuss Sabrina's place in the game. You know, as annoying as she was, she brought pure entertainment to the season. Her whole "I HAD ONE BURNT COOKIE" rant will go down in Big Brother history, in my opinion. It was perfection. I might have been partial to Sabrina throughout the season because she's from my home town and went to the same high school as most of my family... But even so, there's no denying the comedic value she brought. Would love to see her back for an All Star season.

Near the end of the season it was absolutely, 100% clear that Neda deserved the final prize. She orchestrated the entire second half of the season, and to those who do not give her that credit, there's something wrong with you. Maybe you were watching an entirely different show. I don't know. Neda was the clear winner.

*Sigh* Alas, Neda did not win. She came in third place. Jon took the prize and brought Sabrina to final 2. I have to admit, it was a smart move on his part. Neda would have slaughtered the jury's questions, made it crystal clear that Jon's success in the game was on her behalf, and she would have won. Simple as. But Jon knew that his final big move was evicting Neda. And he made it. Good for him.

All in all, if you missed this season but are a Big Brother fan, go back and watch it. So many good Big Brother moments. Very unpredictable and captivating season. Here's hoping #BB16 will measure up! You can follow me at @ericaeff on Twitter because you already know I'll be live tweeting the whole thing. You can also follow me on Beamly (TV-related social media app). My name on there is Erica F. and I'm already pretty active in the Big Brother 16 room. :)

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