Monday, March 17, 2014

Short-Term Goals

It's safe to say that last month was pretty terrible. I had about a billion and one things to do and yet felt so unproductive. I'm really starting to believe that productivity is the key to happiness and well-being, at least for me. I always feel best after producing and creating. Seeing as April is going to be just as hectic (if not more-so) than February was, March is proving to be the best time to work on some personal projects. With only about two weeks left, I best start working on these goals ASAP!

Number one on my to-do list is to purchase and install some blackout shades. I posted about my bedroom decor plans back in January and have since made 0% progress. A comfortable bedroom is so important, and the fact that I haven't yet tailored mine to my needs is proving to be detrimental. I feel like I haven't had a truly satisfying good night's sleep in so long, and it all starts with finally getting some good shades.

I haven't delved into a good book in what seems like forever. I just finished reading "The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari", but that was more of a self-help/inspirational book (and possibly what sparked this blog post). I need to get back into reading some good, food-for-though fiction, especially since I work in a library and am constantly requested to provide book suggestions (of which I have none to give). Because I'm juggling work, school, and internship, I've been spread a little too thin and haven't divulged enough effort into any of those things. So, for work at the very least, I need to start reading more.

Some books that have been on my to-read list for a while now.
Another thing I need to do this month is get a head-start on my final media project. The assignment is to create an "Artist Book", which is a "book" (very loose guideline) that explores the aesthetic and storyline elements of a movie of your choice. I decided I wanted to pick something fun, so I chose Tangled as my movie. I'm going to make an accordion-fold paper lantern, and on every fold, I'm going to depict a scene from the film. My first task is to explore Michaels for supplies and inspiration!

My poor, neglected Wreck This Journal desperately needs some love this month. I have yet to complete even one page from that book. I bought the book to spark my creativity, and it's been sitting in my drawer, untouched, for over a month. I don't think there is a metaphor for unproductiveness more fitting than that. Maybe a trip to Michaels might give me some drive to continue that project. After all, there's nothing quite like fresh art supplies.

And that concludes my short-term goals! I think four is a solid amount. I don't want to be over-ambitious because I know that would just be setting myself up for failure. I'll let y'all know how it goes!

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