Sunday, March 9, 2014

Collective Nail Polish Haul

Somewhere, somehow, I managed to collect 14 new nail polishes in February... I justified the purchases because it was my birthday month, but I guess you can say have a bit of an addiction to new nail polish... GAH. It's a problem, but just look at them! I can't help it. I really need to get a good nail polish rack to display them.

From left to right: Color Club "The Lime Starts Here", Color Club "Koo-Koo Cachoo", Color Club "Yum Gum", Marc Jacobs "Gatsby",  Orly "Purple Crush", OPI "Sweet Heart", OPI "Alpine Snow", China Glaze "Light As Air", China Glaze "Sweet Hook", China Glaze "Make An Entrance", Zoya "Payton", Models Own "Hedonist", OPI "Push and Shove"
I'll just go through each of them, explaining my rationale for buying them/my initial thoughts if I've tried them already.

Orly "Bonder": I got this base coat because MissGlamorazzi recommended it on her YouTube channel, and let me tell you, it's great. The idea is that it bonds the nail polish to the nail, and it does exactly that. It seriously makes your nail polish last as long as it possibly can.

Color Club neons: On my way back from Florida last week, I popped by a discount beauty store and found these babies on offer - 3 for the price of 1. Such a bargain! I love neon nail polish (recall my obsession with Models Own Luis Lemon), so this was awesome. I haven't worn them yet but they seem seem really glossy and fairly opaque. Excited to try them out!

Marc Jacobs "Gatsby": My friend Marcella got me this nail polish for my birthday, and I love it. I would describe it as a rose-silver metallic (as opposed to rose gold). It sometimes looks a little champagne-y in different lights. It's totally opaque in one swatch. Although it's pricey, you really get good value for money with this one.

Orly "Purple Crush": Since "radiant orchid" is the Pantone color of the year, I felt an overwhelming urge to find a nail polish in that color range. My my my, does this fit the bill. Brands have been coming out with orchid colors left and right but none quite as radiant as this one. I'm seriously itching to wear it.

OPI "Sweet Heart" and "Alpine Snow": I got these two full-size OPIs in a set from TJ Maxx... The price? $7.99 for both! I couldn't leave this in the store, I just couldn't. I already know and love Alpine Snow, and it'll serve as a great base to make those Color Club neons really pop. As for Sweet Heart, well, you just can never have enough nude polishes, am I right?

China Glaze "Light As Air" and "Make an Entrance": I got these at the same place as the Color Clubs, and they were on sale for $2.99. Just couldn't pass them up. "Light as Air" is a beautiful dusty lavender color, and "Make an Entrance" is a vibrant raspberry.

China Glaze "Sweet Hook": So, for my birthday, I made a sneaky Nail Polish Canada purchase. I had enough fidelity points to snap up this pale lilac color, which I've been eyeing since last spring. It'll be the first polish I wear when the weather gets warm!

Zoya "Payton": In the same Nail Polish Canada order, I got Payton, which if you might recall from my previous wishlists, I've been wanting for a long time. The color is gorgeous - a rich purple with silver microglitters. My only gripe is that it's a little thin and brush is imprecise. Otherwise, I'm wearing it right now and I love the shade.

Models Own "Hedonist": Again, I've been wanting this bad boy since last summer! Oh god, I'm so glad I finally own it. I've never seen a brighter coral color in my life. I can't wait to have this on in the dead of summer when I'm eating popsicles and soaking up the sun. Perfect.

OPI "Push and Shove": Of the new OPI collections (Gwen Stefani and Brazil) this is the only polish that really caught my eye. I have a thing for mirror effect nails, so this was right up my alley. As you can see from the swatch above, it's really metallic and reflective. It comes with its own base coat (not sure what's up with that?) but I'm super excited to try it.

PHEW. That's it. I should probably lay off the nail polish purchases for the next while, although Nail Polish Canada did just get the new Models Own Gel Effects.......... LOL :)

PS. anyone notice, no Essie in this haul??? Their polishes have been so boring lately! Seriously hope they step it up!

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