Saturday, January 18, 2014

Room Decor Plans

Hey everyone! Since I am now a Pinterest fiend, it's no surprise that I have big decor plans for my new bedroom. These are some mock-ups I put together in Photoshop.

Instead of a backboard for my bed, I want to get two sets of Ikea Expedit book shelves. I'm in dire need of book storage, so this will be a nice touch. I also want some rainbow fluorescents to add under the shelves, giving it a cool vibe.

I have a fairly large window section in the corner of my room and I'd like to make some sort of origami installation to fill up some of that space.

This is where my desk will go. I opted for a clear desk and a wooden chair. Love the idea of mixing modern and rustic textures. Next to it I'm going to work on a "gallery wall" which is basically an eclectic mix of picture frames and paintings.

I have a small strip of wall next to my closet, so a little vanity could fit perfectly there. Not sure what I'd want to have displayed above it (maybe nothing), but for now I'm envisioning some quotes and magazine cutouts.

On the back of my door I'm going to have a small collection of my Instagram printouts which I've already ordered from Origrami. I'm also on the look out for some neon pink duct tape that I'll use sporadically throughout my room to frame things.

I'm very excited to get this project started!

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