Sunday, November 17, 2013

Fall/Winter L'Oreal Sale & Marcelle Sale Haul

Hey everyone! Looks like I accidentally did a bit (read: a lot) of shopping... Oops! Doing hauls of the L'Oreal sale is always a good idea because people who've never been before can get an idea of what they might expect. I also went to the Marcelle/Annabelle sale this time which was fabulous. Everything was extremely reduced in price, even moreso than the L'Oreal sale!

Despite the 45-minute wait to get in, the L'Oreal sale proved to be quite fruitful. Having the knowledge of what I did/did not use from the previous sale really helped me decide what to choose. My only complaint is the sheer mass of people that were present at this sale... If you're intimidated by crowds, maybe opt not to go on a weekend.

The best part of the L'Oreal sale this year, hands down, was the Essie section. The nail polishes were reduced to $4.75 each, whereas they were $6 previous years. They cost, on average, $9 at Canadian drugstores. They also had nail wraps at $4.75, which was great, because I've been wanting to try them for a while but it just never seemed worth it in-store. They also had a deal where you could buy 5 and get one free, which I definitely made use of. I got two nail polishes: "Stylenomics" and "Fishnet Stockings", and three slick stick nail wrap kits: "Love to love you", "Glam it on", and "Show me your stuff".

I also got the L'Oreal Go 360 Clean facial cleanser, two new Maybelline Super Stay 10 Stain Glosses in "Refreshing Red" and "Cool Coral", and this amazing little perfume kit from Kiehl's that cost $25.

From the Marcelle sale I got a pack of four Annabelle glitter eyeliners ($1.50!), 2 for $5 Marcelle makeup wipes, the Annabelle Custom Look Kohl Kit containing 4 eyeliners for hazel eyes ($4), a Marcelle blush in "Blossom", two Marcelle Hydra-C Foundations, an Annabelle concealer set, Annabelle lip pencil in "Concord", Annabelle eyeliner in "Honey", Annabelle liquid liner, and Annabelle "Le Big Show" mascara.

All of the makeup at the Marcelle sale was $2.25, with the exception of the items noted above (in brackets). I was so happy they had the Hydra-C foundation because it's discontinued, but it was (and remains) one of the best drugstore foundations I've ever tried.

I hope this haul was helpful to those who are debating attending these sales! Overall I spent $75 at the L'Oreal sale (a good chunk of that - $25 - is attributed to the Kiehl's perfume set), and $35 at the Marcelle sale. If you can only attend one I definitely recommend the Marcelle sale. They have great quality products and the location isn't as tight/packed as the L'Oreal sale.

PS. I also might have picked up a few more items for my holiday giveaway! Don't forget to enter! :)

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