Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Essie Nail Strips in "Love To Love You"

Hey everyone! I got these Essie nail strips at the L'Oreal sale on Sunday and just couldn't wait to try them on. Here's what I think!

I'm not yet very good at applying these things (bumpy edges, ugh), but I love the way they look! You can't really read the writing, but they still make for a very cool manicure. The kit comes with a little nail file to help you shave off the excess bits!

I sealed these in with a top coat but for some reason it didn't stick and ended up peeling off in the end. The size selection is alright, but could be better - I have small nails and found myself running out of strips that were small enough. My only suggestion is to apply these slowly and carefully - rough edges will get caught in places they shouldn't, like in my dog's fur when I'm petting him (sorry Einstein).

I definitely suggest picking these up if you find them on sale. They're too expensive at regular price.

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