Thursday, September 19, 2013

That's a Wrap on Big Brother Season 15!

Hey everyone! So last night was the finale of Big Brother season 15, and I've got lots to say so I thought I'd write up a post :) If you haven't watched this season and plan to, or just haven't watched the finale, brace yourselves for spoilers.

I've been watching the entire season episode by episode, and keeping up with the live feeds on occasion. If you follow me on my personal Twitter account you'll know that I livetweeted the life out of this show - sorry if that annoyed you! - so I think it's safe to say I was pretty invested.

I guess the first thing we should talk about is the final three: Andy, Spencer and GinaMarie. Suffice it to say this trio made for a really lacklustre finale episode. Andy, the described "rat-floater" of the season, weasled his way into being the final HoH of the season, allowing him to have full control over the final 2. He chose to bring along GinaMarie, which was, at first, a surprising move. We all thought Spencer was his bud & the easiest to beat, but choosing GinaMarie proved to be a smart choice overall. Her speaking skills are subpar, to say the least, and in a test of eloquent question-answering skills, she basically bumbled and fumbled into oblivion. (Ragan Fox, former Big Brother contestant put it best in his tweet: "I'm just Ginuh Muh-ree. That's me. It's who I yam. Ginuh Muh-ree. Me. I yam Ginuh Muh-ree.")

But back to Andy - I have mixed feelings about the kid. On one hand, he played a tactical social game, making sure his every move was calculated, and he won competitions when he needed to (despite the fact that he found himself competing against two competition weaklings towards the end). On the other hand, he made tons of distasteful comments during his stay in the Big Brother house, many about gamemate Elissa and her family. Totally uncalled for and disrespectful. So, on a game level, he was a forerunner in comparison to his competition, but on a personal level, I have nothing but extreme dislike for the guy.

Spencer runs along the same lines as Andy. He was the floater of the season and never really made his mark, but he played a decent social game given his initial weakness as a social player. His original alliance, The Moving Company, tanked big time, and all its players were being picked off one by one, but somehow Spencer managed to gain the good graces of the houseguests and was able to save himself every week. He acquired the title of #1 houseguest in the history of Big Brother to escape the block so many times. While I do think there's some merit in that, it's mostly because he was viewed as extremely disposable, which is kind of sad. Similar to Andy, he made a lot of hurtful comments in the house - mostly sarcastic jabs at other players, referring to their race, sexuality, etc. And he threw around the word "cunt" like it ain't no thang. Although CBS did not portray him this way, there is no doubt that Spencer was highly misogynist and bigoted.

And finally, GinaMarie. The only credit I can give her is for when she split up McCranda during her HoH. She made the move that no one else was willing to make. If she had played this up in her final speech she might have won 500K. She proved to be strong during endurance competitions but was one of the weakest during puzzles/quizzes, and her only redeeming asset was her assertiveness and composure during her HoHs. Aside from these secluded moments, GinaMarie's outspoken nature is what sank her. Very clearly lacking education, GinaMarie was, in my opinion, second-worst in terms of spewing racial slurs and hateful comments. Most of these comments can be attributed to her ignorance, but it made her absolutely unbearable. Even her creepy obsession with Nick was eclipsed by her incessant diatribes against Candice (although, again, none were aired on TV).

To recap: Andy won the final HoH and took GinaMarie to the final 2, evicting Spencer. During crunch time, Andy (a public speaking professor) slayed GinaMarie in the question/answer period, and went on to win $500,000 on a 7-2 jury vote. GinaMarie came in second place, meaning she won $50,000 - a little saddening given she won't truly experience the blow of losing her job due to her racial bs. Additionally, Elissa won $25,000 and the title of America's Favorite Houseguest. I think her win was totally merited despite her relation to Rachel Reilly. Her composure and strong sense of self was a breath of fresh air.

One last point I'd like to discuss is about the post-game comments made by the houseguests in regards to them being called out on the crappy comments they made during the game. A lot of them got really defensive about it - retorting with phrases such as "I'm sorry if anyone was offended", "The comments were taken out of context", and my personal favorite thanks to Spencer: "I'm sorry if we gave Big Brother bad publicity". Basically, I think all the houseguests need a lesson on how to apologize. Diverting the blame to the affected party "I'm sorry if YOU were upset" does not offer up any remorse/regret whatsoever. I would love for just ONE of these sad, pathetic houseguests to take the onus for their behavior. In case anyone would like a more in-depth explanation of what I'm trying to say, check out this great and highly relevant video by YouTuber ChescaLeigh:

All in all, this season was bittersweet. I love watching Big Brother and will continue to do so, but many of the contestants were horrible people. That said, I'm sure CBS will assume the responsibility of engaging in a more rigorous casting period for future seasons. But for now, I'm glad this season is over. I found myself wishing we were back in season 11 watching Jessie Godderz. That's when you know it's bad.

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