Saturday, August 10, 2013

NCLA Nail Wraps: Demo & Review

Hey everyone! A little while ago I posted my Little Black Bag haul/review, and I showed you guys that I got a pack of NCLA nail wraps in that order. I ended up really loving them so I thought I'd share my tips on how to apply them effectively. The set that I got is called "Electric Gradient". It comes with two manicure options: a blue-green gradient and a pink-red gradient. I tried different techniques both time I used them so I'll explain which one worked best!

You can purchase these nail wraps on for $16, and they come in a variety of patterns and colors :)

What you'll need:

  • Nail wraps
  • Base coat of your choice
  • Top coat of your choice
  • Nail file (there's one that comes in the pack that works fine)
  • Scissors
First, you'll need to remove any nail polish you have on your nails. Then, cut & shape them any way you like. The nail wraps work better on a straight cut nail, but if you're dead-set on having round nails it will also work. I wouldn't cut your nails too short because you want to incorporate as much of the pattern as you can! Also, applying a base coat at this point is super important. The adhesive on the stickers is very strong and will damage your nails if you skip it! 

Next, pick a sticker that fits the size of the nail you're applying it on. When in doubt, use a smaller size rather than a larger one. If you use one that's a little too big, you'll have a hard time smoothing it down around your cuticle area. Smaller sizes might not fit as snug and there might be some space left between the sticker and your cuticle, but they'll apply much better. In the photo above, I chose a size that was too large and as you can see, there were some air bubbles left on the sides.

If you have shorter nails, the sticker will be much too long. I find them easier to work with if you trim them at this point. 

Bend the sticker over your nail. Try your best to avoid air pockets and smooth out any bumps. This will result in a clean finish. Also, bumpy nails will annoy the heck out of you (at least they did for me haha!). Again, if you pick a size that is slightly smaller than your actual nail you will have an easier time avoiding ridges like the one in the photo above. Once you're happy with how the sticker is placed, use your nail file to remove the excess sticker.

Done! Super cool gradient nails. If the white part of the sticker that came from filing it down annoys you, pick a similar color nail polish and run it along the tip of your nail to cover it up. 

If you have clubbed thumbs like I do, no worries! The largest size sticker that comes in the pack will fit. Generally, though, if you need to customize some of the sizes with a pair of scissors, don't be afraid to do so. These nails should last you a really long time, especially if you don't pick it off. Chipping is very minimal. I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of this product and will surely purchase more in the future!

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