Tuesday, August 6, 2013

July Favourites 2013

Hey everyone! So I'm finally getting around to posting my July Favourites :) I was debating even posting them at all since I haven't been wearing much makeup this month, but I thought I'd share them anyway.

My only makeup-related favourite this month is this lipliner+lipstick combination. I discovered that dabbing a red lipstick over a light pink lipliner results in a really nice rosy pink color. On days when my eye makeup was super minimal (I'm talking mascara only), I would throw on this combination to add some colour to my face!

This month's book favourites were "Divergent" and "Insurgent" by Veronica Roth. There has been a ton of hype around this book series, especially since the movie based on the books is coming out soon & is said to rival The Hunger Games. I can't tell if I like these or Hunger Games better, but I will say they were equally captivating. I would definitely have to say that Divergent was better than Insurgent, its sequal, because the plot was more coherent. Insurgent was really long and the story was kind of muddy in terms of details. I was also a huge nerd and took some faction quizzes online, and I am definitely Erudite. Take that from that what you will!

In addition to the TV shows I already discussed in THIS post, I've also really been into Orange Is The New Black, a Netflix exclusive series about prison. It's really clever and raunchy and entertaining and perfect. If you're sensitive to adult content I would not recommend it, but if you want some fun and meaningful television in your life, give this a go.

My fashion favourite this month is this awesome multicoloured top that I picked up from TJ Maxx. I just find it really pretty and colourful and flattering :) I love a good TJ Maxx bargain because it feels like finding treasure. The clothes section is super hit-or-miss and you really have to dig through the racks, but it's satisfying when you find something you like!

To people that know me IRL this may come as a surprise, but I've got some health & fitness favourites this month! My fitness favourite are my Nike running shoes. I never realized how necessary a good pair of running shoes is when you work out but these are like, my saviours. They're so comfortable and it's motivating to know that your feet won't start randomly aching in the middle of a workout. My health favourites are hemp hearts and chia seeds. These are great to sprinkle on basically anything you eat. They keep you nice and full until your next meal, and they prevent random eating throughout the day!

My favourite beauty YouTuber of the month is Shaaanxo. She's from New Zealand and is overall super knowledgeable and fun to watch. Her "Get Ready With Me" videos are my obsession! I also enjoy watching her vlog channel because she posts healthy recipe videos and other good stuff. Check her out!

My favourite vlogger of the month is Shane Dawson. While I'm not always a fan of his main channel videos, his second channel kills me. Shane unscripted is absolute perfection. I always look forward to one of his daily vlogs because he never fails to make me laugh. I've also been loving his weekly podcast, Shane and Friends, which you can download for free on iTunes.

So that concludes my monthly favourites for July! Again, sorry for not really including many beauty-related things. And thanks to everyone who has entered my 1 Year Blogiversary giveaway! Good luck!

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