Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Tuesday In Love Nail Polish REVIEW

Hey everyone! Recently I was contacted by a nail polish company called Tuesday In Love, and I was asked if I would like to try out their line of water permeable nail polishes. Naturally, I agreed, because the whole idea of "breathable" nail polish is becoming super popular and it's so intriguing!

First, I'd like to talk about why this breathable nail polish has been gaining popularity. If you find staining to be an issue with painting your nails, this is a great option. The nail polish allows water to seep through the nail polish and onto your nail which is very hydrating and healthy. Some moms see this as a great option for kids who otherwise aren't allowed to wear nail polish.

In addition, many Muslim ladies have been loving this trend, since wearing nail polish prevents water from reaching your nails during wudhu. My Muslim friend Zeina explained it to me well and since I'm not a specialist I thought I'd share what she said:

"Basically when we pray we have to do this thing called wudhu, "ablution" in English, where we have to wash certain parts of the body (hands, mouth, nose, face, ears, neck, hair, arms and legs). When we wash our hands, it's been said if we have nail polish on then our fingernails aren't cleaned." (She mentioned that this isn't an absolute fact or anything, which is why some Muslim women don't care about nail polish)

"Because regular nail polish usually doesn't let water go through, our wudhu is nullified and our prayer doesn't count because our wudhu wasn't done properly! However, with this nail polish, it allows water to go through (YAY!) so while doing our wudhu our fingers and hands will get cleaned and our wudhu will count and thus our prayer will count while we wear nail polish."

"Usually we can only wear nail polish when we can't pray (during periods) or usually if we have a special occasion we do our wudhu and then wear it, but that limits prayer throughout the day. At a wedding once I wore nail polish and basically I couldn't pray 'til I got home."

1 coat Tuesday In Love pink nail polish + 1 coat Tuesday In Love top coat (also water permeable)
  • Incredibly opaque in ONE coat. As you can see on the left, there was a little bit of streaking but that would be easily smoothed out with a second coat. I was so impressed with the opacity that I didn't bother.
  • It's totally peelable! I've tried "peelable" nail polishes before and none have actually worked aside from this one. Once it starts looking a little ratty you can peel it right off! No need for remover whatsoever.
  • $12.47 price point as opposed to Inglot's $16 ($14 American)
  • Portions of each purchase are donated to Plan Canada's "Because I Am A Girl" campaign (Read more)
  • Water permeability test approved. When you purchase this nail polish you get a pamphlet with instructions on how to perform the test. Basically you paint a portion of a paper towel, drop some water on top and see if it seeps through.
  • No need to worry about applying a base coat to protect your nails!
  • Because it's peelable, this nail polish will not last more than a day. In my book that seriously sucks because I tend to keep my nail polish on for days, however if you do participate in wudhu or have a special occasion that calls for a nice manicure, this will definitely satisfy that even if just for one evening.
  • As you can see in the top right-hand photo, the nail polish starts to change color as it gets worn. I assume this is due to water settling between the polish and nail. Again, this nail polish is really only for one day's use.
Comparison to Inglot O2M nail polish:

The major company specializing in these kinds of polish is Inglot which also has a line of breathable nail polishes. I personally haven't tried the Inglot polishes, but my friend Zeina has and is graciously willing to provide a comparison. She says that the Inglot polish lasts longer, however the formulation is incredibly thinned out and requires like five coats to render it opaque. The Tuesday In Love is therefore much easier to apply. Again, there is a $4 difference in price point between the Inglot & Tuesday In Love.

Verdict: Would I purchase another Tuesday In Love nail polish? Probably not, because I prefer a long-lasting manicure. That said, the Inglot nail polish seems to have an equal number of faults and if these are the only two options for Muslim ladies, Tuesday In Love definitely has its advantages. It honestly just depends if you're looking for something longlasting or temporary!

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