Thursday, June 6, 2013

Nail Polish Canada Wishlist

Hey everyone! It's no secret that I'm obsessed with nail polish, which means I have a ridiculously large collection of it. That also means, unfortunately, that I can't justify purchasing any more. So, instead of buying the ones I want from my usual online store (nailpolishcanada), I figured I'd make a quick wishlist. Not exactly the same as making an order, but it'll have to do!

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First up is "For Audrey" by China Glaze. Surprisingly, I don't think I have a similar colour to this in my current collection. I have a turquoise but it's much more on the green side. I think it's such a cute shade and name - of course referencing Breakfast at Tiffany's. I feel like it would definitely be a staple in my collection if I were to own it!

Next is "Bouncer it's Me" by Essie. Of the newer Essie collections (including their Resort Collection, their new wedding collection, their new summer collection, and their neons), this is pretty much the only one that caught my eye. I don't normally gravitate towards blue polish anymore but this one is so crisp and shocking that I can't help it!

OPI hasn't really intrigued me with their new collections recently - I feel like nothing totally unique has been released and I'm not feeling their new liquid sands, but "Chic From Ears To Tails" is something I would like to own. I don't have a pretty, creamy pink colour, and from the swatches I've seen I believe this has a very slight glitter to it, so I think it would be really pretty on!

Models Own "Hedonist" is a colour I've been eyeing for ages. I don't know exactly when Nail Polish Canada started stocking Models Own, but I'm so thrilled about it! These nail polish are extortionately expensive on the Models Own site and on ASOS (presumably because they hail from the UK), so I'm really glad they're only going for $8. There are other Models Own polishes that I'm after ("Luis Lemon" and "Indian Ocean"), but they're unfortunately sold out. I feel like Models Own is the only company that has put out anything super unique lately!

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It's no secret that Seche Vite is my favorite top coat ever, but once you're about halfway through the bottle it does start to get gloopy. "Seche Restore" is a polish thinner that supposedly gets the top coat back to its original state.

Zoya "Godiva" is hands down the most gorgeous textured glitter that has been released in this entire trend - or at least of the polishes I've seen swatches of. It has the prettiest sandy texture and it looks so classy and elegant. I'm really sad that it's sold out at the moment but hopefully the site restocks soon! Otherwise I might have to pop Trade Secrets a visit!

Next is Revlon "Orbit Moon Candy", a nail art duo that has intrigued me for a little while now. I nearly picked this up at Wal Mart but, of course, decided against it because I can't justify more nail polish. The combination of the two polishes makes a really awesome, quick galaxy nail.

Speaking of the galaxy nail, NCLA released limited edition nail wraps in a galaxy print. I originally saw these on Little Black Bag (where I've just placed my first order!!! Expect a haul/unboxing soon!), but they were soo popular and impossible to trade for. They just look really cool, and I'm a big fan of the galaxy nail trend.

So there you have it! My Nail Polish Canada wishlist complete. Any nail polishes you've been loving lately?

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