Monday, May 27, 2013

Tumblr Inspiration

Hey everyone! In the past I've done posts showing you guys collages of things I've been loving/photos that I find inspirational or indicative of my mood, personality, etc., and all of these collages have featured pictures I reblogged on Tumblr. Since I haven't done anything similar for a while now, I figured we could all use some spring-time inspiration :) For more stuff like this, head over to my Tumblr page,

The Toy Story aliens that you see up there are actually sweet dumplings fill with ice cream, and they're sold at Disneyworld in Tokyo! So cool. PS. Clearly I like reblogging desserts.

I've been watching Skins nonstop lately, and recently found out they're starting a new series featuring Cassie, Effy, Cook, Naomi and Emily! I'm soooo so so excited. Also, one thing I've found particularly inspirational this month is Angelina Jolie's op-ed in the New York Times. I found it very empowering and it sparked a lot of discussion re: medical ethics, which is always an interesting topic.

Nothing much to say about this batch of photos, except I've been really lusting after those Tarte lip balms/glosses. They're soo lovely - I've swatched them in Sephora tons of times. (So expensive though!)

Netflix, Netflix, Netflix. I'm dreading the internet bill for this month because I've been watching TV shows on there nonstop... It's kind of a problem.

So I know there's nothing really representative of the iPhone app "Vine" on here, but Harry Styles and Joe Jonas have been posting some particularly good Vines lately. And I guess a recurring theme in all of these photos is travel, but that's something I'm always interested in!

Let me know if you guys are on Tumblr in the comments below because I would love to follow you!

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