Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Because of YouTube Tag

Hey everyone! I picked up this tag off of icallitambrosia and thought it would be fun to do, considering I've been superrrr obsessed with YouTube lately. I'm not on YouTube myself (although I might be one day - who knows!), so some of the questions don't apply. Also, I have a running list of all the channels I'm subscribed to (CLICK HERE) in case you're interested.

Products I've purchased off of a beauty guru's recommendation:

Urban Decay Naked palette (icallitambrosia), Rimmel Stay Matte powder (Tanya Burr), NARS Laguna bronzer (pretty much everyone lolol), NYC Smooth Skin Bronzer in Sunny (Amarixe), Korres lip butter in Wild Rose (essiebutton), OPI Vant To Bite My Neck (missjenfabulous)

YouTube gurus you would like to meet:

To be honest, most of the YouTubers I would like to meet aren't beauty gurus... However, I would like to meet Tanya and her fiance Jim because they both seem really sweet and lovely. I'd also like to meet essiebutton because she's hilarious and Canadian and I feel like we'd have lots in common!

Three techniques you learned:

1) The importance of blending eyeshadow! I used to shy away from eyeshadow in its entirety because I never achieved a seamless look. NikkieTutorials, in particular, showed me how eye makeup can immediately look 1000% better if you just blend, blend, blend.

2) I remember I first learned how to do winged liner from Michelle Phan. She also taught me the best way to clean makeup brushes. Come to think of it, all of my basic knowledge of makeup/beauty comes from Michelle!

3) I learned from Lisa Eldridge that the best way to match a foundation is to make sure the color is consistent when you blend it in from the side of your cheek onto the beginning of your neck.

Two friends that I have made through YouTube:

I haven't made friends through YouTube because, as I said, I'm not actually on YouTube lol!

One video that has been the most helpful:

I can't pinpoint one specific video, but I feel like some gurus are definitely more helpful than others. In terms of techniques, I would direct you to NikkieTutorials who is so great at what she does at such a young age, Michelle Phan (her older videos that weren't overly sponsored), and Lisa Eldridge who is a celebrity makeup artist. Additionally, the pixiwoo sisters do some really great, easy-to-follow tutorials! In terms of product recommendation, I feel like Allison from Amarixe always offers really thoughtful reviews and has great taste in general.

That concludes the tag! Please feel free to fill it out for yourself and link back to me so that I can read it too!  :)

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