Thursday, March 28, 2013

My Life in 8 Photos

Hey everyone! Long time no see! I've been in a sort of blogging rut, evidently, so I needed a little pick-me-up post. The title is pretty self-explanatory and there won't be very many words, but I thought this would be a nice little memory to look back on in the future. I picked this up as I was lurking through the archives of Zoella's blog, and she presented it as a sort of tag, so do feel free to steal this idea for a post :)

:) Normal blogging will now resume.

Friday, March 15, 2013

NOTD (Essie Fiji) + OPI Giveaway Winner

Hey everyone! I've got a quick NOTD for you all (finally! It's been so long since I've done one), and I thought I'd announce the winner of my OPI giveaway at the same time. But first thing's first...

Long story short, I absolutely love this color. As you know I was in Florida for a couple days and got a (very unnoticeable) tan, and I thought this polish would enhance it a little. Definitely a good choice. I foresee myself wearing this a ton during the summer. It actually reminds me of a shade I used to wear when I was younger, except that one was milkier and cheaper. This was definitely a three-coater, but the result was worth it, I think. Essie polishes are always great quality in my opinion. Worth the hype!

Next order of business: the winner of my OPI giveaway...

Congratulations to Danni Golding! I will be emailing you shortly so please do respond ASAP :)

I also wanted to thank everyone who took the time to enter. I love having giveaways and giving gifts. I think it's so much fun to send people small tokens of my gratitude, especially on an international basis. And of course, thanks again for sticking with me and reading my blog. It means a lot!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Target, MAC & BBW Haul!

Hey everyone! As you may know, I was in Florida this past week (which explains the lack of blogging haha)! Although I didn't pick up any of these items actually in Florida, we passed through New York where I had time to get some shopping done. Shockingly, I'd never actually shopped in Target before, so that was definitely a must. I also picked up one item at the MAC counter in Macy's, a few Bath & Body Works candles, and one nail polish at a beauty specialty store.

Yes to Tomatoes Clear Skin Mask (Target - $15): I have this on as I'm typing this blog post, and I must say I'm enjoying it! Very refreshing and clean-feeling. I bought this because I was itching for a good face mask and we don't have much of the Yes To range here in Canada (we only have the face wipes I think), so I thought this would be a good choice. Liking it so far!

St. Ives Apricot Scrub + Bonus travel size lotion (Target - like $3): I really like this scrub a lot, and although I don't use an exfoliator every day, this is definitely a nice one to have. Honestly I think this huge size cost maybe a dollar more than the travel sized one I got here... So cheap.

Elf eyelash curler (Target - $1): So these are kinda heavy-duty and not very gentle at all, but I needed a new eyelash curler and it was a dollar, you guys. A dollar.

Maybelline Gel Liner Blackest Black (Target - $8): Apparently some gurus like this gel liner more than the MAC one, and I've honestly never used gel liner before, so I thought I'd give it a shot. The brush it comes with looked pretty shitty so I also got an Elf liner brush for good measure which was also a dollar. Not much else to say about that!

MAC Mineralized Skin Finish in Soft and Gentle (Macy's - $30): I've been lusting after this product for sooo long now. Actually, I've been lusting after any powder highlighter because I don't own one, but especially this one. With tax, this baby came out to $32 as opposed to $40 I'd pay here. Not too bad!

Covergirl Clump Crusher Mascara (Target - $7): Unfortunately I got this in brown (*facepalm*), but I really just wanted to see if it would clump or not. Verdict - no clumps! I might just go out and buy this in black, but don't hold me to it...

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder (Target - $4 maybe?): Repurchase. Hit pan on my current one. Love this stuff.

Essie Sand Tropez (Target - $8): I've been searching for a beautiful nude color far and wide and I thought I'd give this a shot. It's a little on the brown side but I'm eager to see how it fairs.

OPI Vant To Bite My Neck (Beauty Store - $7.50): This is an absolutely gorgeous eggplant creme that I've looked up countless swatches of, so when I saw that OPI is under $10 in the States I jumped at the chance to get it! I would have also picked up Bubble Bath if they had it but, alas, they didn't. :( Swatch to come!

Carmex (Walmart - $1): My lips were feeling a little dry so I went ahead and got this while we were doing grocery shopping at Walmart. It does the trick.

Bath & Body Works Pear & Market Peach Candles (2 for $22): These smell so so so yummy! I love them!

So that concludes the beauty & candle portion of the stuff I bought while in America! Just as a side note - I got a pale blue denim polka-dotted shirt and maroon leggings from Target, dark blue jeans and a pink shirt ($15 vs. $40 here...!!!) from Old Navy, and some new Nikes from The Shoe Dept. :) I also got some other bits & bobs before leaving but those will be featured in a later collective haul. Hope you enjoyed!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Few Updates

Hey everyone! I thought I'd write up a post updating you guys and telling you about some new features on my blog that I've added recently!

First off, I made a page listing my favorite YouTube channels. This is a question I'm asked quite often so I thought it would be handy to compile a list for you guys. I've included beauty & non-beauty channels so there's quite the variety! Check it out if you're looking to add some new YouTubers to your subscriptions.

Second, I made a page where I wrote down giveaways currently going on in the beauty world. Instead of creating blog posts about giveaways I will now simply list them on this page. I'll give you guys a heads-up on my Twitter whenever I update the page. PS. I also have a post on how to win a giveaway! Click here if you haven't checked it out yet!

I now have a button that you can grab on the left-hand sidebar of my blog. Buttons are a nice way to showcase your favorite blogs on your page! So if you like Abundance of Erica, I would love for you add my button to your blog!

Also, in case you somehow missed it, I am giving away OPI Euro Centrale minis! CLICK HERE if you're interested!

And finally, I wanted to tell you guys that I won't be updating for a little over a week because I'm going to Florida! I might do a "What's in my Travel Makeup Bag" post and there will definitely be a haul up once I come back. 

Talk to you soon! :)