Wednesday, February 20, 2013

REVIEW: Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray

The Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray has received a lot of hype within the online beauty world, and I figured I'd try it out for myself and get back to you guys!

I was searching for a product that would give my hair a little something extra. It felt a little dull and limp and needed some body, so I picked this baby up at Sephora. I paid $19 for it, which admittedly is a little pricey, but let's see how it fared...

I tried out the product on two different occasions. On the top right: third-day hair. I wanted to see if it would give my lifeless curls some body. It seems like the spray straightened it out somehow, but I like the way it de-frizzed and smoothed out my hair.

On the bottom left: You can see very clearly in this photo that the spray livened up my hair significantly. It added volume, controlled frizz, and defined the curls. This morning (see the next photo), I found my curls perfectly intact. Usually they deflate during the night, but the spray somehow managed to hold the curl. Incredible!

Note: The bottle says to use it on damp or dry hair - but I recommend using it on dry hair. It didn't do much for me when my hair was wet to be honest. I simply heat styled, and then used this in lieu of hairspray. Also, make sure you wash it out properly in the shower to avoid buildup.

VERDICT: I really, really love this product. I think it does wonders. If you feel like your hair is a little dull definitely give this a shot. I can't say it works for everyone but it definitely worked on me!

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