Friday, February 8, 2013

NOTD: Zoya Jacqueline

Hey everyone! As I mentioned previously, I recently got ahold of Zoya's new spring collection, so I'll be featuring each of them in a string of NOTDs :) This is actually the second one from the collection that I've tried so far (totally forgot to take a picture of Neely when I had it on).

Top left: natural lighting, top right: artificial lighting, bottom left: with flash, bottom right: natural lighting (but w/ more shade)
I'm very, very pleased with the formulation of these polishes. They're incredibly high quality and opaque in only two layers (I used three for good measure). Jacqueline is what I would describe as a pale, eggshell or magnolia yellow. It's really polished and classy, and is a nice alternative to a stark white or a plain nude. This shade is creamy and buttery--I really love the effect of it.

I'm excited to try the other shades in this collection, especially Blu (creme pale blue) and GeiGei (shimmery baby pink). Look out for those NOTDs coming soon! :)

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