Friday, January 18, 2013

Beauty Blogging on a Budget

Hey everyone! A while ago I made a post telling you guys about my current financial situation, and it dawned on me that I should write up a blog post explaining how I am able to be a beauty blogger whilst maintaining a sort of budget.

Types of Posts

First, I would like to throw this out there - having a successful beauty blog does not simply mean that you need to do constant reviews and hauls. In fact, some of my favorite posts are neither of those. I hadn't started doing hauls until I was months and months into blogging, and I still don't think I've dedicated a post to review one single product. Here are some other ideas:

Tags: Honestly, tags are some of my favorite posts to read. They're personal, yet informative. I've done quite a bit so far and I have a few in my drafts that are waiting to be finalized and posted. Generally, there are seasonal tags that tend to float around (Christmas Tag, Summer Favorites Tag), so be on the look-out for those, but there are also tags that never really die. You can check out the tags I've already done by clicking HERE.

Also, in my drafts I have the Sample Tag (wherein you just describe which samples you've been using up and what you think of them), I Heart Drugstore Makeup Tag, and the How Much Is My Face Worth Tag.

Collections, Top 5s: These are a really simple way to exercise your writing skills and give mini reviews on products you already own. You could break up posts like these into sections, or dedicate one post per product (for example, going through your nail polish collection by posting a photo each time you wear a new one).

Speaking of, photos are a great way to add some life to a blog post. You can use your phone camera or a basic digital camera - no need for fancy DSLRs. Also, it might get difficult to do "monthly favorites" if you cannot afford to buy bunches of new products every month, so these are a good alternative. Similarly, you can do "products I regret buying" or "disappointing products", both of which are as informative as favorites posts.

EOTDs, FOTDs, NOTDs, OOTDs: These basically stand for Eye of the Day, Face of the Day, Nail of the Day, and Outfit of the Day. These posts are quick and easy and let you showcase your love of beauty and fashion in a personal way. Again, they allow you to make use of the products you already own making them very cost-efficient. I've also noticed that these posts get many pageviews (at least on my blog).

Acquiring New Products

Giveaways: As of yet, I have won six beauty-related giveaways. Incredible, no? I think giveaways are an awesome way to acquire new products, and I mean - they're entirely free! It would be ridiculous not to enter giveaways. I think I might do a separate blog post on how to win a giveaway. It wouldn't be anything revolutionary (no hacks or cheating), but it would outline some simple tips that might up your chances of winning. Please let me know in the comments if you'd enjoy reading that.

I recently won Amarixe's Holiday LUSH Giveaway!

Online Shopping VS. In-Store Shopping: I find it very easy to sometimes get sucked into online shopping, simply because with blogging and getting involved in the online beauty community, links to new beauty websites get thrown around often. What I think is most important is to find a beauty website that is either a) based in your home country (therefore avoiding massive shipping costs), or b) ships for cheap (by my standards - no more than $5 extra). If not, shop in-store! I guess this sounds obvious, but there is no use in paying shipping from the Sephora website if you have a real-life Sephora near you. Save online shopping for exclusively online deals or for products that are inaccessible near you.

Beauty Subscription Services: For a small sum, you can receive deluxe beauty samples (and sometimes full-sized products) sent right to door every single month. This is a great opportunity to try out new products and to guarantee a new blog post per month. You can regard subscription services as an extra expense, or as one of your main beauty sources. If you are low on money, I don't recommend it, but if you see it as an investment, it's a great value.

My favorite service to-date has been Ipsy (formerly known as MyGlam). Unfortunately they only ship to the USA and Canada at the moment, but they send some really nice deluxe products (no crappy sachets of lotion or something). I was also subscribed to GlossyBox for a few months and enjoyed that as well. They didn't send as many well-known brands as Ipsy does, but I received a few products from GlossyBox that I still use on a frequent basis.

So that concludes my budget beauty blogging tips! Let me know if they helped you at all/if you enjoyed reading this! Happy Friday! :)

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  1. This post is perfect and so relevant to my life, since I've just recently moved! Thank you so much!!!