Sunday, January 13, 2013

A-Z of Erica

Becca did this tag originally and I totally forgot I had it saved in my drafts. I didn't have another post planned for today so I thought I'd go ahead and finally publish it! Hope you find it at least mildly entertaining haha :)

Age? 19 years old, however I am turning 20 in February!

Bed Size? Queen

Chore You Hate? Washing dishes. I get nauseous from it sometimes...

Dream Room? Cream walls, fairy lights, picture frames, vintage tins. I'm a five year old girl, basically. Or I'm Zoella.

Education? I'm currently in my first year of university studying Communications. I also have two years of college Liberal Arts under my belt.

Favourite Colour? Purple or navy blue, but not both of those together.

Greatest Achievement? I honestly don't know. This is the worst question to ask because on one hand I don't want to brag, and on the other hand I don't think I've accomplished anything particularly spectacular. Hmm.

Height? 5'3"

Instruments I Play? None. I've never been musically inclined although I have attempted piano, guitar, and trombone.

Job Title? Birthday party animator. Sounds awful, I know.

Kids? Nope.

Live? Montreal, Canada

Motivations? Hmm, I guess becoming "successful" in my current field of study. But I'd also love to work for a cosmetics company (not as a makeup artist or anything, but in PR).

Nicknames? None.

Overnight Hospital Stays? When I was little I was hospitalized because of a weird stomach thing. But my overnight hospital stays since then mostly include spending hours upon hours in the ER waiting room because free healthcare isn't all it's cracked up to be (ahem).

Pet Peeves? I'm pretty sensitive and introverted so I don't like people who talk/eat/are generally loud and "get-in-your-face".

Quote: I don't have a favorite quote.

Right or Left Handed? Right

Shops I Love? Sephora, Bath & Body Works, MAC

Time I Wake Up? Depends on the day, but I can usually sleep in until 11:30am.

Ultimate Food? Seafood. Omg

Vacations? USA (including NYC, Boston, Florida, California, etc), Europe (including Italy, France, Spain, Monaco), Cuba

What Makes You Run Late? Putting makeup on.

X-Rays I've Had? Teeth, at the dentist. And my hand for when I broke two of my fingers. And my head/face (long story).

Yummy Food I Make? I make a good grilled cheese.

Zoo Animals? ALL ZOO ANIMALS! Especially elephants and giraffes.

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