Monday, December 17, 2012

Wishlist Pt. 2: Christmas Edition!

Hey everyone! Long time no talk! To be honest, I thought I'd be posting on here way more this month... I guess it's just been a crazy couple of days. I finished off the last of my exams on Saturday and I was out yesterday, so today is looking like the opportune day to get back in the blogging game.

Anyhow, I have my second wishlist I've ever posted on this blog to share with you (click here to see the first one). These are some items I would love to receive for Christmas, and hopefully it gives you a few ideas for last-minute Christmas shopping. These are perfect for a friend or daughter or anyone into beauty (with perhaps the exception of the last three items).

OPI nail polish in "Golden Eye": This nail polish is from the OPI Skyfall collection (inspired by James Bond, of course), and it's a really pretty gold shimmer. I don't have one of these in my collection and I think it's just a nice, luxurious color to have. I would even treat it as a neutral because it could match so many different outfits.

Dior Shimmer Star in "Amber Diamond": I've been kind of obsessed with powder highlighters lately and it seems to me like this is just the ultimate. Everything about it seems incredible. The pigmentation (I've swatched it in-store many times), the pattern on the product, the packaging, everything. This is definitely more high-end given the price, but it would be such a lovely gift.

Bioderma Solution Micellaire: This product is hailed by the online beauty community as the best makeup remover in existence (lol). I guess the price is a point I'd like to address. This is not available in the United States, and can only be purchased in Europe (UK and France for sure, I'm not certain about other Euro countries) and Canada, and from what I know about exchange rates, it's marginally cheaper in Canada. That said, $22 for a makeup remover is a hell of a lot. It does seem like an incredible product, though, and I'm dying to try it.

Benefit POREfessional: The annoying thing about pores is that they're genetic, so any kind of serum that claims to remove pores is a scam. However, there are products available that reduce the look of pores, such as this one. I would be interested in trying it out to see how I'd make do with it, because it can be a hit or miss product. It's gotten generally good reviews, though, so I'm intrigued!

BeautyBlender: This is a product that is meant to seamlessly blend foundation. I don't know why it's $26; I can't really justify buying that for a sponge, but concept really peaks my interest. I still have a problem with streaky/patchy foundation if I don't spend ample time applying it, so this would be a wonder to have on days when I'm in a rush.

MAC 217 Brush: Okay, I love my Sigma blending brush, but this brush is likely one of the most-talked-about brushes in the beauty community. It seems more stiff than the Sigma one, so I bet it's a lot more precise. It can also be used to apply eyeshadow, and I think it would be an all-around great brush to own.

Giftcards: I think giftcards are a great gift, because it shows a person that you're atune to their needs and interests, while still giving them the opportunity to go shopping for themselves. Personally, I'm in serious need of a new bra (hope that's not TMI), and I've been having issues with Victoria's Secret lately, so Aerie is my new go-to. It's actually American Eagle's lingerie line. Really, though, I could make use out of any giftcard, be it Walmart, Pharmaprix, Sephora (of course), Bath & Body Works, Forever 21, etc.

Divergent by Veronica Roth: I'm in need of new books to read, and I've heard great things about this one. A lot of beauty gurus have read it (Tanya Burr and Amarixe, among the ones I can recall), but John Green has also recommended it, so I'm pretty confident that it's a good one.

H&M Braided Headband: So, I couldn't find the price on this because according to their website, it's sold out (!?), but I've seen it in-store many times so I'm sure they haven't completely vanished. American Apparel has similar styles but I'd rather not give them by business (or that of anyone shopping on my behalf). I just think it's very cute and a nice alternative to wearing a hat.

So that concludes my Christmas wishlist! Hope you enjoyed and please don't be shy to comment below! :)

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