Saturday, December 1, 2012

Garlic & Herb Grilled Shrimp

Hey everyone! I have a bit of an unusual post today... Sometimes when I'm home alone I like to venture into the freezer and whip up some concoction with whatever's in there. Yesterday I happened to decide on some frozen shrimp, and I thought I'd bring you guys along during the making of them!

This recipe serves one, but like, I was really full after all this so you can probably cut down the portion size depending on how hungry you are (...duh...).

Ingredients (really imprecise measurements, sorry about that):

- Shrimp (I used 8 jumbo shrimp)
- One basil leaf (chopped)
- One parsley leaf (chopped)
- One clove of garlic (chopped)
- Butter (two knobs)
- Salt
- Skewers
- Zucchini (optional/can replace with any vegetable)
- 1/4 cup Basmati rice (optional)

The final product... Looks tasty, no?

Step One: You can very well use fresh shrimp for this recipe, but if you're using frozen shrimp, you'll need to soak them in a bowl of cold water for a couple minutes. They'll be easier to peel once they're thawed. While you wait, move on to step two.

Step Two: Cook off one clove of chopped garlic, two knobs of butter, some chopped basil and some chopped parsley. You'll know it's ready when the bits of garlic turn a faint golden color. BUT be careful! You don't want them to burn! Keep a close eye on this because they'll be golden one minute but burnt the next. Once it's done, remove it off the burner and let it settle. (You'll see a couple steps that I left it on the burner too long--oops!)

Step Three: When you're done with your herb, garlic and butter, you can go ahead an de-shell your shrimp. Then, you'll need to pat the excess water off.

Step Four: Here you can see that my garlic started to burn because I left it on the burner too long (see how there's a spotty kind of residue on the shrimp?). But, basically, you can just toss your shrimp in with the marinade and make sure they're coated evenly.

Step Five: Next, put the shrimps back on your cutting board/counter, and skewer them. If you don't have a grill, you can easily turn this recipe into a saute, so feel free to skip this step.

Step Six: Place the skewers onto the grill and cook for at least 10 minutes, I'd say. It depends on how you like your shrimp. Technically, they're still supposed to have a snap when you bite into them, but I prefer mine tender, so I leave them on a little longer. I also sliced up some zucchini, so if you want to grill off any vegetables, you can put them on at this point. Make sure to salt everything at this point. Also, if you want to serve rice with your shrimp, I suggest cooking it now as well. If you're opting for the saute, you will instead throw your veggies and shrimp into a skillet and go from there.

Step Seven: Place everything onto a plate and voila! Dinner!

Hope you all enjoyed my first food post! Let me know if you'd like to see more! :)

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