Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Recap & Haul

Christmas is officially over and I finally decided to write up a post about it. I had a blast hanging out with my friends and family, and I hope you guys did too! I know the popular opinion is that "Christmas is not about the presents", but let's face it, it really is. More than receiving presents, though, I love to give them. I thought about taking photos of the gifts I gave to other people and ultimately decided against it, but I kinda regret it! I think I gave some really good gifts this year, to be honest. Anyway, here's a little mish-mash recap post about my Christmas. Enjoy!

Me and my lovely cousins, my cute dog with all the presents, and the ultimate Christmas nail polish: China Glaze Ruby Pumps
Our traditional Christmas tree and the crazy amount of presents my mom and I bought for our family.  From left to right: Barbie carrying case for my cousin, H&M khaki pants for my brother, giftcards, acrylic paint set & canvases for my cousin, two Skylander Giants for my cousin, wallet & money for my cousin, Armani cologne for my brother, Crate & Barrel cookbook stand for my cousin, cotton night gown for my great aunt, baby Levi's jeans and plaid flannel shirt for my cousin, Williams Sonoma oven mitt & measuring spoons for my godmother, One Direction blanket and poster book for my cousin, kitchen soap set for my cousin's grandmother, Converse hoodie and journal for my cousin
Before I get to showing you guys the things I got for Christmas, I wanted to write a bit about the items I gave to my family. I guess I'll write this out list-style because I feel like that'll be the most organized.

My mom: I got my mom a pizza peel from Williams Sonoma. She ended up really liking it, but I overlooked the fact that she would only be able to use it if she had a pizza stone, lol. Oops. So now we're on the lookout for a pizza stone. And sidenote: damn is Williams Sonoma expensive! Everything is pretty and smells like cinnamon but it's also unnecessarily overpriced...

My dad: This year I got my dad into Bath & Body Works candles (lol), so I picked up "Merry Mistletoe" for him. He's usually really particular about scents but he ended up enjoying it. I also got him a random bottle of wine that I chose because the label was designed nicely (I know nothing about wine), but he opened it on Christmas day and said it was a good choice, so I'm glad.

My brother: I got my brother a movie giftcard. Admittedly not the most creative gift I've given but at least I know he'll use it.

My godmother: I got my godmother a Williams Sonoma oven mitt and measuring spoons. I can't get over how expensive that store is.

My goddaughter: I got my goddaughter a Sephora giftcard and the same Soap & Glory set that I actually ended up receiving for myself lol!

My aunt: So whenever my aunt and I go to Sephora she spends all her time smelling perfumes but then never actually buys one, so I picked up a set of mini perfumes from Sephora for her to try out. I think she really liked it!

Here are the gifts that I received for Christmas, and also a few that I got on Boxing Day (I'll let you know which ones). Overall I'm super excited about everything I received! I mostly got money from my extended family and my dad, but also in addition to these, I got Bioderma eau micellaire (from my mom) which was on my Christmas Wish List. I've already started using it which is why I forgot to include it in the photo!


  • Lord & Taylor manicure kit from my brother
  • OPI Matte Nail Envy from my mom
  • Seche Vite top coat from my mom
  • Soap & Glory gift set from a gift exchange
  • China Glaze Ruby Pumps from my mom
  • OPI Golden Eye from my mom
  • Buddha Gotama statue from my aunt
  • Dior 5-Color Eyeshadow in Stylish Move from my godmother
  • Movie theatre gift card from my mom
  • Starbucks gift card from my mom
  • Divergent by Veronica Roth from my mom
  • MAC Plumful lipstick from my mom
  • MAC 217 brush from my mom
  • Revlon nail file & buffer from my brother
  • Taylor Swift "Red" from my aunt
  • Starbucks set from my cousin

Boxing Day:
  • Two Lush gift boxes (bogo) with a giftcard I received at Christmas from my brother
  • Benefit cream eyeshadow in "RSVP" from Sephora ($12 on sale)
  • Sephora double-ended blush brush from Sephora ($9 on sale)
  • OPI "Don't Mess With OPI" from a random mall counter ($3.50 on sale)
  • OPI "Cuckoo For This Color" from a random mall counter ($3.50 on sale)

Again, I hope you all had a great Christmas! Leave me links to your Christmas hauls in the comments because I would love to read them :)

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