Sunday, November 4, 2012

October MUSIC Favorites

I'm not always into music. I know that's a weird thing to say because people are usually like "omgz I can't live without music" but I just happen to not be one of those people...? HOWEVER. October has been a good month for music, in my opinion, so I thought I'd share some current favorites.

Alright, if you follow me on Twitter, you'll know that I've been planning this super huge review of Taylor Swift's new album, but because I'm a massive perfectionist, I never posted it and I just really don't like the way it turned out. So, let me quickly tell you my favorite songs off the album instead.

My absolute favorite song off the album is "All Too Well". I think it's totally perfect in every way. The melody is nice and the lyrics are just flawless. And can I just say, this song... Right in the feels. "There we are again in the middle of the night, dancing around the kitchen in the refrigerator light." My favorite thing about Taylor Swift is that, somehow, she makes the simplest things sound the most beautiful. What an incredible talent, don't you think? Hmm, I also recommend listening to "The Lucky One" because I was pleasantly surprised when I realized it wasn't about relationships. I won't say much else except "22" is perfect for solo dance parties and "Stay, Stay, Stay" is great for sing-a-longs. Voila!

Next, I have two songs that come from movie soundtracks, both of which are out in theatres. The first one is "Cups" by Anna Kendrick, which plays in Pitch Perfect. I have not seen Pitch Perfect, however I came across the song on Tumblr and it made me happy. And also, how great is Anna Kendrick's voice?! It's super short but I still enjoy it. It also reminded me of Lennon & Maisy's version of "Call Your Girlfriend".

I saw The Perks of Being a Wallflower yesterday. Damn. Good. Movie. I feel like everyone has been focusing on Emma Watson's performance, but can we just not overlook Logan Lerman for a sec here?! He was SO, SO good. I read the book and honestly he played Charlie perfectly. Okay. Aside from that. The movie reintroduced me to "Come On Eileen".... Whatever. Don't judge. I like this song.

If you want the full version: click here

Now, who remembers Tony Oller? He used to pop up on the Disney Channel every once in a while? Well anyway, he became a massive pothead, but apparently he also sings. Anyway, he released a song with a new group called MKTO and it's really cool. It's incredibly catchy and it's kind of a misfit's anthem. I like it quite a lot.

Lastly, I've always been a huge fan of classic rock music, and I love the idea of a classic rock revival in modern music. A couple contestants on music shows have covered this song and I really, really like it (Jennel Garcia on X Factor US and Amanda on The Voice). It's just the coolest. If you're a fan of Pat Benatar, Joan Jett, etc, you will enjoy this. It's called Paris (Ooh La La) by Grace Potter & The Nocturnals. (Sidenote: if anyone has a free download of their album, send it over please!)

I just downloaded Ellie Goulding's new album "Halcyon" so I'm definitely gonna listen to that. And I may or may not bust out Michael Buble's Christmas album pretty soon.... So yeah. Let me know what you've been listening to in the comments below, AND October beauty favorites will be coming tomorrow hopefully!

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