Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Think Pink TAG!

I was tagged by the lovely Ellie from Ellalogy to participate in this "Think Pink" tag. The purpose of the tag is to raise awareness about breast cancer, especially considering October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

1) Pick out your favorite pink food, makeup, fashion, and random item.
2) Spread the message about breast cancer to a female friend/family in your life - the awareness, the symptoms, the checks, the healthy foods that helps prevent the disease... anything or everything! (I found this website that is a good place to start. Links to many helpful reads and resources)
3) Write a blog post about 1 & 2, linking back to this post 
4) Tag 3 of your blogger girlfriends to do the same

I do not directly know anyone affected by breast cancer, but I've been involved in breast cancer awareness from an early age. Each year my all-girls high school would team up with other all-girls schools in the area for Girls For the Cure, a walk to raise awareness about the disease and gather donations for breast cancer research. While I'm not an expert on the topic, I will mention that 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime (source). When I started doing Girls For the Cure at 13 years old (6 years ago), the statistic was 1 in 3, so there have been advancements in breast cancer research, which is amazing, but the disease is still prevalent.

I kinda cheated and picked two wishlist items for my random and makeup picks, but here goes:

  • Random: This Kitchen Aid mixer. I've been super into cooking lately and I would really like to invest in a proper mixer. If you go to this website you can take a quiz to find out which color mixer matches your personality. I got Almond Cream, but I think this pink one is way cuter!
  • Fashion: The only pink fashion item I own is this pink beanie from Forever 21 that I bought last year. I'm so upset because I can't find it anywhere! This is the only picture I have of me wearing it. LOL.
  • Food: Cotton candy, of course! Not much to say here!
  • Makeup: I've been lusting after this Chanel lipstick in the color "Boy" for a long time now, especially since Fleur de Force has recommended it.

I'm a little late in doing the tag because I was having a bit of trouble thinking of my responses, and unfortunately we're nearing the end of the month BUT I tag any blogger who reads this because it's for a worthwhile cause, and it's fun :)

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