Thursday, September 6, 2012

OOTD: Back-To-School

I'm pretty hesitant about making OOTDs because I don't really think my fashion sense is up to par with other beauty/fashion bloggers, but I thought I'd give it a go anyway. Also, I don't tend to shop at stores people normally do, so my clothes may be a little harder to find.

Personally, I've been finding it extremely tough to style back-to-school outfits, because you want to look presentable, yet you don't want to suffocate in a poorly ventilated classroom, right? Right. So as a result, I've been pulling out a lot of basics. I got this crisp white blouse at a market in Italy so chances are you won't find the same one, but I'm sure if you make a trip down to Winners/TJ Maxx or Banana Republic or J. Crew or something, you'll find something similar.

I ordered these shorts online from Land's End, which is a store for old ladies (lol, kidding but not kidding). Their clothes are great quality, though, which is why I like them. And they ship to Canada. I can't remember the model of these shorts but the color was "Jalapeno" (I doubt that helps).

My flats are Michael Kors and I have a love-hate relationship with these. I can't walk in them for long distances otherwise I get blisters, so I only pull these out for short school days. I think they're really unique, though, and with a breezy outfit like this I prefer brown or nude-color flats because I think black ones are too severe.

So there you have my first OOTD. How exciting?!?! Let me know if you liked it :)

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