Sunday, August 12, 2012

Yesterday's FOTD

Hey everyone! I wanted to do a quick post about yesterday's FOTD as a follow-up to my post about flat iron curls (HERE).

As you can see, the curls pretty much melted away with the heat, humidity and rain, and yet, I was left with some pretty decent waves. I think that's alright considering this is my day-after hair and it's still wearable (I'd say). However, the curls loosened almost instantantly after I styled them. If anyone has tips on how to get curly hair to stay in place longer, please do share!

I'm not wearing any makeup in this FOTD because it was just a day of running errands and then a movie night with a few friends. We watched "Friends With Kids"... I don't plan on fully reviewing this one because it's not really worth my time, to be honest. I thought it was going to be really good because the entire "Bridesmaids" cast in it, but nah. I didn't enjoy it.

In other news: Miley Cyrus is now a less attractive Megan Rapinoe.

I'd be willing to bet she'll have extensions in about a week's time.

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