Tuesday, August 14, 2012

TMI Tuesday? Anti-Itch Moisturizer Review

Hey everyone! This post is a little awkward but I thought it might be relevant. Lately I've been shaving my legs 24/7 given that it's summer time, and I've come to find that razors are really good at sucking any kind of moisture out of my legs. Yum. Also, because my legs have been super dry, they've been itchy which is both gross and annoying so I needed a solution.

I purchased three separate anti-itch/itch-relieving moisturizers before I found one that actually did the trick. So here they are! I hope this post helps at least someone out there lol :)

The first lotion I tried is this Aveeno one that claims to use natural ingredients to relieve itch. While this lotion did moisturize, the itch somehow remained. So basically, it's a decent moisturizer but if you suffer from itchiness (in addition to dryness), I would opt for something a little stronger. What I did like about this is the consistency, though. It's thick yet it gets absorbed really quickly.

The second lotion I tried is this Eucerin one and I have to say, this is my least favorite. Not only does it not relieve itchiness (which it's supposed to. You can't see it here but it claims to do that on the bottle.), but the consistency is so thin and liquidy, the stuff just gets everywhere. I don't know, for me it was just the least pleasant.

This Gold Bond lotion is the winner of all three for me. The consistency, much like the Aveeno moisturizer, is really thick, and unlike the other two, this one actually relieves itch. The difference between this one and the others is that it contains Aloe Vera which has a really cooling property to it so you can literally feel the itch going away. This would probably also be amazing for uncomfortable sunburns and yeah, I just think the Aloe is a smart ingredient to add to this lotion.

So if anyone's on the market for an anti-itch cream... I'm glad I could be of help! :)

EDIT: I totally forgot, but here's an embarrassing story for you... So I take my blog photos on my balcony, in a condo three floors up, and I was testing out these lotions and taking photos, so when I was done I went to grab my camera, I accidentally dropped it off the balcony.... Yeah... It's alive and kicking, though. I'm pretty sure at least two neighbours were out, but hey :P

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