Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Products I Regret Buying

Hello everyone! I figured I would do a post on products I regret buying because I feel like it could be very helpful. My reasons for regretting buying these products range from problems regarding price, packaging, quality, and sometimes just personal preference--so just because I didn't end up liking them, doesn't mean you won't either! These are just some points to take into consideration before buying.

The first (three) products I regret buying are these American Apparel nail polishes. I have one in the color "Hunter" (a deep green), one in "California Trooper" (a really gross light tan color), and one in "L'Esprit" (a pale purple). Alright, so my problem with these nail polishes is their liquidy consistency. I find them incredibly hard to work with because they're so streaky, so you definitely need 2+ coats as well as a top coat. Also, the middle color (California Trooper), is really not what I thought it would be. It's just the most unflattering color in the world and it makes my hands look sickly, if that makes any sense. Anyway, I'm probably going to use these in an NOTD at some point because I'd like to show them to you guys.

These retail for $9 CDN each.

The Makeup Forever HD Foundation & Microperfecting Primer are probably the products I regret buying the most. For the record, I am SO against buying high-end foundation. I really can't justify the price I paid for this stuff. It's almost embarrassing. The story is that I had a Sephora giftcard and I happened to run out of my foundation so I figured I'd give these a shot. The guy at the Sephora recommended them, and I'd heard a lot of good things, so I went ahead and purchased them. Now, you might be wondering what the white bottle on the left is. As it turns out, this line doesn't have a shade in my color, meaning I had to purchase the primer as well. The primer is blue which cancels out the redness of the foundation. It made sense at the time, I guess.

What doesn't make sense, however, is how much I paid for such a low-quality product. The foundation itself is decent. Decent coverage and durability. Fine. The packaging... Not so much. When the product finally came to an end, it was just a mess. The foundation even starting coming out of the base of the lid. It was terrible. Also the cap is incredibly flimsy and it pops off easily, making this foundation super difficult to travel with.

The foundation retails for $42 CDN and the primer retails for $34 CDN totalling $76 CDN. I'm cringing.

Alright, I have a love-hate relationship with LUSH. I can't say I've ever purchased a product from there that I was absolutely dazzled with, and their Solid "Gorilla" Perfume in Karma is no different. This one basically just comes down to preference.

I was really intrigued by the idea of solid perfume so I went ahead and tested a few out before choosing Karma. Now, assuming you've ever been within a 5m radius of a Lush store, you'll know how scented the place is, so testing out perfume in there is no easy feat. I sniffed a couple before getting to this one and I just couldn't smell them, so when I got to Karma, I was like "Oh! Citrus! I can smell it!" And to be honest, it didn't smell terrible! So when I got home from my little shopping trip I pulled this out and smelled it again... DAMN was it CITRUSY. This little thing smells sooo strong, it's enough to give me a pounding migraine. It also has a certain spiciness to it, so that in addition to the citrus... Man. Not for me.

Anyway, lesson learned. Before buying perfume at Lush, put some on, leave the store, walk around, and then see if you still like it.

This retails for $10.95 CDN.

The next product I regret buying is this Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Red Velvet. To be honest, I feel bad for not liking this. It's gotten so many incredible reviews by beauty gurus it makes me feel almost guilty for not liking it! This is one is a matter of personal preference as well. As a lip butter, I didn't expect it to go on so opaque with just one swipe. But maybe the fault is on me for buying such a dark shade. My rationale was that I wanted to try out a darker lip color but not commit to the intensity of a lipstick.

I have to say, it looks pretty decent in the photos but in person it's so dark, it's almost brown. This one is entirely my fault though and maybe I'm just bitter because I haven't had the guts to wear it out yet. Oh well.

This retails for about $10 CDN at Canadian drugstores.

The next product on the list is Maybelline Great Lash mascara in the color "Blackest Black". I think my problem with this one is just that it is overhyped. It's been around for so long and magazines claim it to be the most timeless, best mascara in the history of ever. Meh. I disagree. But I guess it depends on what you look for in a mascara. My problem is the consistency--I just don't find it thick enough. I find myself brushing on 6+ coats before my lashes are how I like them. And not to say that I like that spidery clumpy look, it just takes that many coats before it even looks like I have mascara on.

This product retails for about $5.99 CDN.

My final product is the ever-talked-about Urban Decay Primer Potion in original and "Sin". I wasn't sure if I should include these on this list because I wouldn't necessarily say I regret buying them... As opposed to the other products on this list, I do still use these. I'll start by discussing the original primer potion which is in the purple bottle. I received this with the Naked palette (which I adore, by the way), and I'm just not a fan. If your eyelids are on the oilier side, applying this just feels like slapping on more oil (yum). It's very buttery and slippery and I don't actually notice any difference when I use it.

All to say, I use Sin a lot more often. I like using it when I'm applying shimmery eyeshadows because I do feel like it makes them stand out a little more (which is why I purchased the full size of this as opposed to the original one). My only problem is that you literally only need half a dab of this to prime your entire eyelid, meaning I'll have this product for the rest of my life. I guess that's a good thing considering you get your money's worth, but I feel like it's a little wasteful. I wish the Sin primer came in the same packaging as the original (Sin is a squeeze tube and the original has a wand).

This product retails full-size for $20.00 CDN. (Note: I just checked out the Sephora website for the price and look at this awesome deal: three primer potions in the "vintage" packaging for $22.00 (online only)!)

Alright so that's the end of the products I regret buying! Let me know in the comments if you enjoyed reading this/found it helpful at all :)

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