Thursday, August 30, 2012

Nail Polish of the Day: August 30

Hey everyone! So here's today's nail polish of the day. I included this polish in my "Most Worn" summer items tag and I figured I should probably use it in a NOTD. It's L'Oreal's L'Orange and I think it's the perfect sumer-fall transition color. It's a bright orange but it's not neon, so I definitely foresee wearing this polish in the autumn time around Halloween as well.

What I love about this polish is the consistency. It's not streaky whatsoever, in fact the finish reminds me of gel nails. The top coat I added seemed almost superfluous because the polish itself is so shiny and smooth. The only thing is that this was a three-coater. One coat definitely wasn't enough, and two coats didn't seem "finished". I don't mind, though. It's such a pretty color anyway.

Have you guys tried L'Oreal polishes? I'd be interested in buying a few more for fall, considering I loved this one, and Amarixe raves about them over on her blog. They're inexpensive compared to higher-end nail polish, and I really love the quality!

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