Thursday, August 2, 2012

Nail Polish of the Day: August 2, 2012

First of all, welcome to August, everyone! For this post, as well as all subsequent posts, I am inspired by Amarixe because she often does "Nail Polish of the Day"s. I'm really happy with my nail polish collection right now. I have a wide range of colors that I'm obsessed with and I thought, hey, why not blog about them? So, from now on, every time I change my nail color or do something cool with my nails, I'm going to photograph it and blog about them!

I'm aware that not all of my collection will be available to everywhere in the world. Some products will be exclusive to Europe, while some will be strictly North American. My goal is to help you guys check out some new colors you might normally shy away from, or just admire my pretty nails/photography :) Also, I don't tend to stick to one brand (i.e. I don't only have Essies and OPIs), so you'll see a variety of brands ranging in price as well.

Today's nail polish was featured in my "most-worn"blog post. It's a really awesome pink-fuschia color from Kiko Cosmetics Milano. If you ever find yourself in Europe, seriously hunt down a Kiko store because they have a crazy selection of colors, and if the exchange rate is in your favor, you can get these polishes for really decent prices. They sell for €2.50, so if you were to purchase one right now, it would cost $3.06 which is a bargain in my opinion. 

 (I got this image from Google Images but I did edit it myself)

You may notice in the photo up there with the two polishes I used, that one of them is a top-coat. Now, this top-coat is a little special because it's a mattifying top-coat (whaaat?!). I saw this, tried it, and was like, this is the coolest thing ever. This is actually the first time I use it but boy, I'm impressed. It's such a unique finish. I can't wait to try crazy french manicures with this stuff.

(Unedited, natural lighting)

 (Edited, natural lighting)


  1. I have only 3!!!!hahaha

    1. All good lol it took me a while to build up this collection!! :)

  2. I definitely need to hunt down a kiko store. I've been wanting to try out matte nails for a while now and this top coat looks great x

    1. I figure it's way easier to buy it as a top coat than to spend money on individual matte colors :) Definitely give it a try if you can!

  3. I've never seen Kiko here in England before, but it's still nice to see all the different brands you can get :)