Monday, August 13, 2012

Nail Polish of the Day: August 13th

Hi everyone! I have another "Nail Polish of the Day" for you guys, and I'm aware it's only been like two days since my last one, but I really wanted to try this one out as soon as I got it! It's another Julep Maven polish, but I didn't get this one from my last one-cent order. My aunt had it in her collection and didn't want it anymore so she passed it on! I've been wanting a good white polish for a while now so I was really happy about this.

So this is Julep Maven's "Kate". I believe it's supposed to have a pearlescent finish, but it's barely detectable. If anything though, I feel like the intended "pearlescent" finish helps to make it look less like liquid paper and more like nail polish.

See, I have this thing about white nail polish... It can look really trashy if it's not worn correctly, in my opinion. First of all, I think it looks better on pale skin, because the contrast is way too stark next to a darker complexion. And second of all, on too-long or too-short nails, it can look a little cheap or tacky. But, all these conditions aside, if it's manicured properly, I think it can also look really elegant.

Personally, I wanted a white polish because they are an essential component of nail art. They are perfect bases for chunky glitters and neons. I wish I had this during the Olympics because I would've done the Olympic rings or some red maple leaves on top! So yep, this is a great addition to my collection and I'm glad I got my hands on it. :)

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