Saturday, August 11, 2012

Nail Polish of the Day: August 11th

Hello everyone! Today's nail polish of the day is OPI's "The One That Got Away". It's part of their Katy Perry collection (hence the name)! I'm not entirely sure if this collection is still onsale because I think it came out at the beginning of 2012. I got the collection as a birthday gift in February, so I'm not sure. It came out in the same collection as OPI's Shattered polish, so if you can imagine when that phase started, it was around then!

It's a really beautiful, sparkly berry color. My favorite part about this polish is that the color is super versatile. I think it can be easily worn year-round because it's deep enough for winter & fall, but it picks up the sunlight really well, making it wearable in the summer and spring too.

Confession time: I tend to stray away from OPI and Essie polishes (unless I receive them as gifts, then they're always welcome ;)) just because of the price, but I must admit these are quality products. They glide on so smoothly and the finish is virtually flawless. My only gripe is that they do take a little bit longer to dry up! Other than that, I love this nail polish. The whole line is great too, and I'm sure you'll be seeing the rest in a NOTD soon enough :)

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