Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday Questionnaire (via Amarixe)

Here's a picture of my munchkin just because I felt like this post was lacking a photo. Isn't he cute?

1.) Mood:
Lazy and feeling guilty about it. I feel like I have tons to do but I'm not sure what...

2.) If you had to guess, how many beauty products would you say you use a day?
Ohhh wow, that really depends on the day. If I'm leaving the house, at least foundation, powder, bronzer or blush depending on my mood, setting spray, mascara and lip balm.

3.) Are you a good swimmer?
Not at all! Mostly because I can't be bothered with full strokes and precision. I can stay afloat and that's good enough for me!

4.) Current nail polish:

5.) What is your favorite dinner dish?
Lately, salmon! I love baked salmon with a little teriyaki sauce (not too much otherwise it easily makes this healthy dish unhealthy).

6.) Current outfit: 
A pair of pale pink Abercrombie shorts and an old Jonas Brothers concert t-shirt. I'm not doing anything special today, lol.

7.) Do you like to dance?
Yes and no! I hate dancing if I'm being forced to, but I like to if I'm in the mood. And I'm usually in the mood if a song I like is playing.

8.) Can you drive a manual transmission/stick shift car?
Nope, I can't even drive an automatic. I'm about five classes into driver's ed so hopefully in about a year I'll have my license!

9.) What is the last beauty product you purchased?
I honestly haven't purchased one in a really long time. Probably my two Julep Maven nail polishes.

10.) Weekly goals:
Nothing crazy. I just wanna blog and relax a bit, to be honest. Maybe dinner with a few friends one day. It's a really chill week. I'm taking advantage of these because school is starting soon :( Wah.

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